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Welcome to this Friday episode of The Amazing Seller podcast, and as you probably know by know, this is the weekly “Ask Scott” version of the show where you and other Amazon sellers like you, get to ask questions about your problems, curiosities, and issues with Amazon and Amazon Private Label sales. Today’s show is full of information that will apply to newbies and seasoned Amazon vets alike. It features a question about product reviews and feedback, barcodes and SKUs, and how to scale your product sales from 10 a day to an even higher number. There’s so much practical stuff in this episode you need to make sure to carve out the time to listen.


Product Reviews are being left in my Seller Feedback section. What’s the best thing to do?


This seems to be a common problem that many Amazon Private Label sellers find happening now and again: A customer leaves a great product reviews, but they do it in the seller feedback section. Wouldn’t it be great to flip a switch and just move it over to the product where it belongs? But sad to say, that’s not possible. You really only have 3 choices: #1 - Leave it where it is. At least that way you’ve got some positive vibes about yourself and your products for all the world to see. #2 - Ask Amazon Seller Support to remove it. They will if you ask them, but ask yourself, “Why would I want to remove it?” #3 - Contact the person who left the feedback and ask them to leave a similar posting under the product reviews section. Hear how Scott advises you go about doing all 3 of those steps, in this episode.


What’s the difference between a barcode and a product SKU?


As today’s questioner said, this is a basic question but it’s one that needs answered because there are many, many new Amazon sellers who are listening to the show each week. The barcode is something you need for each individual product and each variation of a product. It’s the identifier to which the price is attached, and you have to have a barcode to set up a listing on the Amazon sales platform. A SKU is a different matter. It’s a product identifier unique to your product that Amazon assigns to each of your products. Scott’s going to tell you how to find your SKU for each product and if you need to have it printed on your packaging or not. It’s all in this episode.


My first product averages 10 sales per day already. What are the steps I can take to scale up my sales even more?


That’s a great problem to have, wouldn’t you say? 10 sales a day is great but as this listener implies, it’s going to be even better if that number can increase. So what can be done? Scott’s answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a 1-2-3 formula. There are a handful of variables like sales depth of your particular product that you need to consider. So take the time to hit the play button on this episode so you can hear Scott’s advice and know how to apply it to your specific market niche. You’ll be glad you did when you see your product sales starting to increase.


You need a supportive community around you. Scott’s created one you can join for free.


In his time as an Amazon seller Scott has learned that the encouragement, advice, and support he receives from a community of Amazon sellers is one of the most important things in his business success and positive “take action” mindset. He created the TAS Facebook Community to serve as a place that you can build those relationships and it works in that way wonderfully. You can join the TAS Facebook group by going to and asking to join. You’ll be approved within a few hours and will be able to read the past posts, leave your questions, make comments and suggestions, and get the encouragement and motivation you need. What are you waiting for? Get over there now!



  • [0:03] Welcome to this episode of Ask Scott!
  • [0:26] How you can ask your own question on one of these episodes.
  • [1:27] A victory milestone of a TAS facebook community member: Michael
    • [4:22] QUESTION ONE: There’s great product feedback is being left in my seller feedback section. Any ideas of what I can do so I can get those in the product review section without losing them?
    • [11:21] QUESTION TWO: Could you recommend a barcode company?
    • [13:34] QUESTION THREE: I’d like to know a bit more about product SKUs. What are they and where do they come from?
    • [19:35] QUESTION FOUR: What are the tips and tricks for scaling my sales up from 10 sales per day to more?
  • [26:20] Your invitation to Scotts’ free, live workshop where he covers the 5 phases of product launching, including live Q&A.



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