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Welcome to another Friday “Ask Scott” version of The Amazing Seller Podcast. These episodes are entirely about you: Your questions, Your confusion, Your products and sales, and Your success. Each Ask Scott episode features questions sent in my people like you, new, established, and even successful Amazon sellers who would like to get Scott’s feedback on your ideas, problems, issues, and questions. Scott’s proven himself to be a great help to those who ask, so why don’t you ask? He’s ready to take your question and feature it on a future episode. You can leave your question by going to Now, on with today’s episode!


You recently released a product without doing much market depth research. What are you doing to increase the sales on that product?


The past few episodes Scott has mentioned and even focused on the importance of researching the market depth of a potential product you want to sell on Amazon. It’s a big deal and Scott knows how big because he neglected to do market depth research on his 2nd product. He’s been very open about that fact and this listener asked Scott what he’s doing with that product since it was launched without the necessary research. Is he doing things to ramp up the sales? Is he making modifications to the product or thinking of taking it off Amazon altogether? You’ll get to hear Scott’s detailed answer to this question on this episode of the Amazing Seller.


What do you mean when you say that you want to diversify your product line?


One of the biggest things Scott has stressed over the past episodes is that you want to do more with your Amazon Private Label efforts than just sell a product. You want to build a business. That means that you want to have a product line rather than just one product. Why is it important to do that? Because a product line gives you more opportunity for sales within a niche, which enables each product to feed the same customers toward the other products within your product line. You’re building a user base that will begin to know, like, and trust your entire business rather than just one product. That equals more cash for you and more satisfaction and happy customers to spread the news about your products. A listener is asking Scott what he’s doing to diversify his product line and in this episode, Scott gives a detailed answer.


I’m starting out on Amazon PPC and wondering which match type I should use?


Amazon PPC (Pay per click) can be a very confusing monster to a newbie. Scott remembers the task it was to figure it out for himself. This listener is just getting started using Amazon Pay Per Click and is curious which “match type” he should use. There are three different options and each of them has a very specific function, so it’s a very good question. When Scott responds to this listener on this episode he gives a clear description of what each match type means and how he goes about determining which will work best for his specific products. A quick hint: It involves testing.


I have someone who’s approached me about setting up their products on Amazon. What do you think? Should I do it?


This listener has stumbled upon a potential source of great additional income. A company in his area has a very unique and distinct line of health supplements and has asked him to help them get their products onto the Amazon sales platform. In fact, they’ve offered him a position doing it for their company. He’s listened to all of Scott’s teaching on the 5 step launch formula and feels that he’s ready to give it a try, but he’s never actually done it himself for his own products. He’s curious what Scott thinks. Should he give it a try? Hear Scott’s response plus some additional thoughts about taking this kind of approach to building your own business through helping others build theirs. It’s a great thought.




  • [0:03] Scott’s welcome and introduction of this episode.
  • [2:02] A listener voicemail about Stitcher and Scott’s response.
  • [3:50] Today’s episode and the first question.
    • [4:16] QUESTION ONE: How have you worked to increase sales on your second product, the one you didn’t research depth of market on? AND What do you mean by diversifying your product line?
    • [15:46] QUESTION TWO: Which match type are you using on Amazon PPC? How do you use it and structure the campaign?
    • [20:59] QUESTION THREE: I’ve not set up my own product on Amazon yet, but a local company has offered me a position putting their products on Amazon. Since I’m so new, do you think I should take up their offer?
  • [28:37] How you can ask your questions.
  • [29:08] Your invitation to the TAS Facebook community.
  • [29:42] Register for Scott’s next Free live workshop.




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