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Welcome, welcome, welcome! You’ve found the place where Amazing Amazon sellers come together to get their Amazon private label sales questions answered by someone who’s becoming increasingly successful doing exactly that. This is the Friday “Ask Scott” session of The Amazing Seller podcast, where Scott Voelker answers your questions about selling on Amazon. The questions today are all over the board - what to do in a crowded market - how to go about setting up a brand to sell in a few years - what to do about sea freight issues - and how to use the new Amazon PPC. As you can see, there’s a lot to learn on this episode so stick around and hear Scott’s advice!


Does a crowded market automatically mean I shouldn’t try to introduce a new product?


Scott gets this question all the time and he says that whether or not the market is crowded is not the thing that matters. Why? Because many people will make the attempt at selling on Amazon on a whim, or will introduce a product into a hot market on a hunch without doing the research and work needed to ensure that their product is going to rise to the top in that market. What winds up happening is that those sellers have sent in lots of products to their Amazon warehouse and they’re just sitting there. So when you look at a category that has 100 competitors, it’s likely that many of those are not selling at all. So how do you discern the right thing to do? Scott’s got a clear answer to that question on this episode!


I want to set up an entire product line on Amazon for the purpose of selling the entire business 3 to 5 years from now. Do you have any tips for me?  


It’s becoming more and more common that savvy sellers are recognizing the opportunities that could come of building a very competitive and popular brand for the very purpose of selling the entire business they’ve built sometime in the future. Why does that strategy work? Because there are many, many people out there who have the money to get into a good, steady-income business but don’t have the skill (or don’t want to learn the skill) to build that business themselves. It’s THOSE kinds of people who are ideal candidates for buying an Amazon private label business like this listener is asking about. So what tips and tricks would position this seller to best sell his business when the time comes? Scott’s got plenty to say about this and you can hear the entire thing on this episode.


My supplier is insisting that they will ship to my local port… but my city doesn’t have a port. What should I do?


Sometimes sourcing products from China or other foreign places brings with it a certain set of difficulties that you don’t always expect. One of those is the misunderstandings that come from the challenges associated with language barriers. It can become very difficult to communicate exactly what you want or need and you’ve got to know how to be clear, patient, and kind as you work out those details. This seller is running into that issue regarding shipping and isn’t sure what to do. Scott’s advice is pretty simple: You take the lead and tell the supplier how you want the product shipped to you. If they are unwilling you may need to find a new supplier. OR, if you want to go the sea route, Scott’s got a resource for you to consider. Check it out on this episode.


Amazon PPC has changed… do you know how to use the match types?


Amazon Pay Per Click used to be set up so that the only way you could position your ads was on a “broad” match type. That approach costs you more money for ads that aren’t going to convert and gets you less sales. But Amazon’s recent changes do away with that problem. Now you can do PPC campaigns on three match types, “broad,” “phrase,” and “exact.” A listener on today’s show wants to hear Scott’s approach to using those three match types and Scott’s not one to disappoint. His explanation should help anyone unfamiliar with Amazon PPC to sort out the differences and set up a campaign that will do exactly what they want. Hear it all on this episode.




  • [0:03] Scott’s welcome to this episode of “Ask Scott.”
  • [2:58] A shout-out to a TAS community member, Chris!
  • [3:36] QUESTION ONE: A question Scott received this morning… What happens when I go into a market and see that there are many people selling it? Should I give up on that product?
  • [7:23] QUESTION TWO: Do you have any tips or tricks to place an entire brand into a competitive market just to sell the business in 3 to 5 years?
  • [12:55] QUESTION THREE: I’m a new guy to Amazon sales and my supplier is saying they will send the product to the local “port.” My city doesn’t have a port, so what should I do?
  • [19:27] QUESTION FOUR: Can you give me some guidance about using the various match types in Amazon PPC?




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