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There’s a lot of talk in the Amazon sales communities that the market is getting saturated, that Amazon is getting flooded with sellers and that opportunities are diminishing. Is it true? If you simply throw a generic product on the Amazon sales engine and there is lots of competition for identical or similar products, maybe so. But you don’t have to stop there. In this episode Scott Voelker is going to walk you through some very simple things you can do to make your private label products stand out in a crowded market. This episode is loaded with practical ideas and tips to make your products different and attractive even if this market is crowded.


You need to think about your market, not just one product.


When offering products on Amazon you’ve got to keep in mind that you’re not just selling a product, you’re entering a market and you want to DOMINATE that market by offering products that meet the needs of the market in unique and truly helpful ways. What does that mean practically? It means you don’t just want to load up your seller account with products, you want to make your products themselves unique so that they get more eyes on them, more attention, and eventually more sales. You want your product to be the top selling product, the most popular product, and you do that by making sure that your items are customized in ways that matter to the end user, the customer. In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott walks through 5 ways you can make your products stand out so they can be positioned to take over your market.


The text you put on your product page matters - a lot.


Product descriptions are one of your main opportunities to make your product stand out, to outline and specifically highlight the difference between yours and those of your competition. You’ve got to become adept at telling about your product in ways that catch attention and draw people to give your product a second look. You can do that through the use of words like “professional” or "heavy duty.” Those words communicate quality and value that is not true of every product in the niche. That way you can appeal to certain groups of buyers, like those who use your type of product in a professional capacity. There’s a ton more that can be said about this issue, and Scott covers a lot of it on this episode, so give it a listen.


Oversized items can expand your sales in ways you’ve never considered.


Most Amazon sellers don’t stock oversized items for many reasons. They may have a higher cost so it’s a more difficult place to enter a market. They typically cost more to ship to Amazon so there’s another barrier. But if you can get your mind around one simple fact you’ll see that oversized items might be your ticket to success. What’s that fact? It’s that most other Amazon sellers are staying away from oversized products for the same reasons you are. That leaves a huge hole in the market that you can fill. So as your business becomes more profitable, consider investing in oversized items as an addition to your product line. You could be stepping into a vacuum that’s been left in the market that will set your company apart in your niche, and begin capturing sales that nobody is currently meeting. Scott’s got more to say about oversized items, so be sure to listen.

Customizing your products means more than just putting your logo on it.


Lot’s of Amazon sellers understand the need to have products that are difficult to copy or imitate. But there’s more to it than simply putting your logo on it. You’ve got to research your market niche to find out what customers are looking for and figure out a way to provide it for them. How do you do that? One powerful way is to check out the reviews on products within your niche. Oftentimes customers will tell you exactly what they wish was different about the product they just bought. As you read more reviews you’ll begin to see patterns. Those wishes are actually requests for YOU to make a better product especially for them. That’s just one way you can learn how to customize products for more Amazon sales, so listen to this episode of the Amazing Seller to get more ideas for product customization.



  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction of this episode: Optimizing your product listings on Amazon and discover what you can do differently to stand out.
  • [2:22] How you can follow Scott on Periscope.
  • [3:27] An iTunes review Scott loved!
  • [5:44] Going after your market, not just a product.
  • [6:05] Building variations into your products through bundles, accessories, or both.
  • [12:07] Position your products to a certain market through your written copy.
  • [14:28] Going after oversized items.
  • [16:58] Going after higher priced items.
  • [16:57] Create your own customized products.
  • [19:39] A quick recap of Scott’s 5 tips for optimizing your products for more sales.
  • [22:14] Tips for digging into your market to discover how to make better products.
  • [25:24] A post from the TAS Facebook community that illustrates the need to take these steps.
  • [30:25] The Jungle Scout app and how you can get it.




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