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Using tools makes any business easier to run. As your daddy used to say, “The right tool for the right job,” and it applies to your Amazon private label business as well. There’s also a lot of times when tools make your business harder, mainly because there can be so many options and it’s hard to decide or to carve out the time to assess every possibility. On this episode Scott’s going to share his top 8 tools, the ones that he feels he couldn’t live without. Get out your laptop or paper and pencil so that you can jot down the tools Scott’s using and how he’s doing it.


Did you know that Google Drive is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers to use?


If you’ve got a gmail account you are already connected to Google Drive and it’s full of tons of tools that can make your business more productive and effective - and it’s FREE! You can create spreadsheets, documents, slide shows, calendar, etc., and share them freely with many people or only one. And Google Drive gives you tons of great tools to use that are just as good as things you’d pay for but are entirely free. Listen to the variety of ways Scott uses this amazing suite of tools to further his Amazon private label business, all on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Why Jungle Scout is Scott’s “won’t do without it” tool.


Scott says that he won’t do his business without Jungle Scout, even though he initially started doing the same type of thing Jungle Scout does for free, using a spreadsheet. But Jungle Scout does all of that and so much more, and significantly faster. There’s ways to use JS that simply blow you away once you realize the power of what they can do for your business. If you’d like to get a copy of Jungle Scout, you can go to the JS website or use Scott’s affiliate link in this show notes page to get a discounted version of this incredible software.


Accounting can be a real headache in any business.


It’s not just the numbers that drive you crazy, it’s the time required to get everything input and organized. Scott’s discovered a great, free app that he uses for 3 of his businesses that is saving him tons of time and does an amazing job. The software is called Waveapps and has a free version that is amazingly powerful. You can keep all of your business accounting up to date easily using this free software. If you’re interested in trying out Waveapps, use the link provided in the link section of this episode to go get your own free account!


Why the right tools can skyrocket your Amazon Private Label business:


Because working smarter, not harder, is still the way to go! Tools can be a huge part of working smarter. They enable you to automate processes that you do frequently, find data and information more quickly, share things with team members or others with a click or an automated notification, and tons of other things. As you can see, spending time doing each of those things individually would be a waste when you could be spending that time instead doing things that actually increase the profitability of your business. Scott shares his top 8 tools on this episode of The Amazing Seller, so don’t miss it!




  • [0:05] Introduction of the episode by Scott!
  • [2:20] A shout out to everyone in the TAS Facebook Community!
  • [3:05] The next FREE WORKSHOP is coming! Register now!
  • [3:54] Way to go Charles Smith! Another successful TAS community member.
  • [6:00] How I’m using Google Drive.
  • [12:07] Scott’s use of Jungle Scout (and the Chrome extension).
  • [14:30] The Jungle Scout web app - a new tool!
  • [16:35] Amasuite 4!
  • [22:00] How Scott uses
  • [24:00] Salesbacker - the email follow up tool Scott uses.
  • [27:00] Wavapps - Scott’s free accounting software.
  • [28:35] The Workflowy app - a list making and task tracking software.
  • [29:20] Other optional apps that Scott has used or is testing.
  • [



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