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You’ve heard Scott say it a million times, “Take Action!” Today’s conversation is with a guest who did exactly that when he decided that he was going to try his hand at Amazon Private Label sales. He did the research, chose his product, and got rolling with practical actions right away. Today you’re going to hear Andy Irvine’s story of how he made it past $10K in just 30 days of selling his Amazon product. He walks through the process step by step, prompted by Scott’s questions. You’re going to learn a ton from this conversation, so be sure to listen!


Can international sellers really make it big with Amazon private label sales?


Today’s conversation should leave no doubt about the answer to that question because Andy Irvine, Scott’s guest today is from Australia. He ordered his products from China and worked very carefully with his supplier to have his products shipped directly to the Amazon warehouse in the U.S. It took hard work and lots of careful research to make sure he was operating according to Amazon’s terms of service, but he did it. You’re going to hear it all on this episode, so don’t miss it!


The 2nd product launch and a massive giveaway.


After his first product was selling pretty well, Andy Irvine decided that on his second product he would do a big giveaway. He chose to use promotions to give away 100 products and within days his product listing went from barely being able to be found, to the first page for his main keyword choice. He was very happy with the decision because of the jump start it gave his product, and the addition of a second product seemed to increase the sales of his first product as well. Andy’s very generous to give away all his secret and mindsets for why he did what he did, on this episode.


What if you want your China supplier to ship directly to Amazon?


If you’ve listened to The Amazing Seller for very long you know that Scott and others who have been on the show have recommended that you always have your products shipped to yourself before you send them to Amazon so that you can ensure that everything is as it should be. It’s a quality control step that is very wise. But since Andy Irvine was operating in Australia and the double shipping cost would have been prohibitive, he took a number of specific steps to allow for his products to be shipped directly to the Amazon warehouse without any problems. On this episode you’re going to hear the details of what he did, how he did it, and the phenomenal results he experienced.

The importance of getting started even if you don’t have your brand figured out.


When Andy Irvine started his Amazon business, he and his wife both wanted to create a specific brand of products, eventually providing many products in a larger product line. But they didn’t have all those ideas figured out yet. Andy wasn’t content to wait until they got their act together, so he decided to simply research a good product and take action. Putting that product onto the Amazon sales engine was the best thing he could have done. The sales from it, and a second product shortly after, have given he and his wife time to figure out the brand issues, start ordering products to fit that brand, and do it all with profits from their Amazon sales. You’re going to be inspired by  Andy’s “take action” attitude.





  • [0:05] Introduction of this episode with a special guest: Andy Irvine (an international seller from Australia).
  • [2:26] Andy’s story of how he got started selling on Amazon and why Amazon was the choice he made.
  • [9:00] The particular hurdles Andy has to get past in order to work out of Australia and sell on the U.S. store.
  • [11:16] Andy’s first steps of product research, when he first began, and now.
  • [15:42] The importance of cross referencing sales history on potential products.
  • [16:55] Andy’s first order of products - 2000 units!
  • [18:00] Working with suppliers.
  • [19:31] What Andy did in regard to packaging for his products and how he created insert cards for the products.
  • [21:21] What was Andy doing while he waited for his order of products to come?
  • [23:30] The use of keywords in Amazon listings and how Andy did it.
  • [24:53] The launch process Andy experienced and how he’s refined it each time (he’s done 2 products so far), including shipping issues he had to work out with his supplier.
  • [32:00] Lessons learned about Amazon costs and PPC expenses.
  • [33:44] The need to scale the business and building his second product.
  • [39:00] How Andy used PPC (Pay per click) to drive traffic to his products.
  • [42:00] The importance of following the system over time.
  • [44:47] Why the 10X10X1 strategy is what Andy believes really works.
  • [47:00] Running out of stock on his 2nd product far in advance of what he thought.
  • [50:15] Getting started on a 3rd product and what Andy does most days.
  • [50:59] Things Andy would change in the processes that he followed.
  • [55:07] Andy’s advice for people just getting started.
  • [58:46] Scott’s summary of the conversation: hustle, action, and diligence.




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