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Welcome to the Ask Scott session of the Amazing Seller Podcast. This is where you, and sellers like you are able to ask their practical questions about private label sales on Amazon. Scott Voelker has learned stuff the easy way, the hard way, and by interviewing experts on Amazon and related issues. He’s got a lot of advice regarding a variety of issues surrounding Amazon sales and would love to answer your question. Find out how you can ask your own question on this episode of The Amazing Seller!


When should I decide it’s time to give up a product due to competition?


On this episode a listener asks a question that almost everyone faces at some time. He created a product, got it listed and was making decent sales, then temporarily ran out of funds. When he was able to get back to the product, he found a ton of competition and his product is far down in the search rankings. He’s wondering if he should just give up on this product and try another, or are there ways to test a comeback of sorts? You’ll love to hear Scott’s “can do” answer to this question, on this episode of the show.


I love books and hear that selling used books on Amazon is pretty profitable. Could you talk about that?


This is a great question, and from what Scott has heard, selling used books on Amazon is still a pretty profitable way to make some cash. But it’s not the private label model that Scott focuses on. That approach is called arbitrage and there are lots of great podcasts and resources that teach how to effectively do retail arbitrage. On this episode, Scott recommends a great resource for learning about selling used books on Amazon, especially textbooks, coffee table books, and others.


How is promoting a product off of Amazon different than promoting on Amazon?


Scott often recommends that Amazon sellers also expand their brand to places other than Amazon, for the sake of stability and reach. A listener asks about the ways Scott recommends promoting and marketing products that are not on the Amazon platform. It’s amazing to hear Scott riff on this subject even though he doesn’t do any sales off of Amazon currently. He’s got tons of knowledge about the online space overall and gives some very practical, actionable things this listener can do.


The next Private Label Workshop is going to start soon!


If you’re new to Private Label sales on Amazon, the best news in the world is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Scott regularly holds private label workshops where he walks through the details (yes, the details) of the 5 steps he takes to launch every one of his new products on Amazon. He includes finding the right product, dealing with suppliers, promotions, product listings, packaging - everything you need to get started doing your own Amazon private label business. If you’d like to attend one of these interactive video workshops, be sure to listen to this episode to find out how. And yes, it’s free!  




  • [0:05] Welcome to this “Ask Scott” session of the podcast!
  • [1:16] Follow Scott on Periscope.
  • [2:00] Join an upcoming workshop!
  • [2:53] QUESTION ONE: At what point do you decide your product is no longer viable due to competition?
  • [9:36] QUESTION TWO: I’d love to know more about selling books on Amazon.
  • [14:21] QUESTION THREE: How would you go about promoting a non Amazon product?


LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE - find Scott on Periscope - @ScottVoelker - Greg Mercer and the Jungle Scout interview - A sales tool for Amazon sellers. - Email service Scott uses. - Jordan Malik’s podcast about FBA arbitrage (for book sales)


Scott’s free workshop  - - the TAS Facebook Community




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