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Many new private label sellers feel overwhelmed right from the start. There truly IS a lot to learn and a lot to do in order to build an Amazon sales business that truly thrives. For that reason, Scott wants you to know that the topic for this episode is one you DON’T have to do right away. This is for down the line, when you’re products are already on Amazon, your brand is already solid, and your sales are going well. THEN, you may want to consider building an authority website for your brand. What IS an authority website? You’ll learn all the details in answer to that question on this episode of The Amazing Seller.




  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:25] What IS an authority website and when should you consider building one?
  • [2:18] The TAS Breakthrough is SOLD OUT! Watch for future events!
  • [4:00] How Scott and Jon got connected with each other.
  • [5:08] Building a website for the sake of Amazon’s brand registry.
  • [6:16] What is Amazon’s brand registry?
  • [8:30] What it takes to build a website that’s professional enough for brand registry.
  • [11:52] The foundational strategy behind the website build.
  • [12:46] What is an authority website or blog and why do you want one?
  • [14:38] Transitioning a niche website into a channel for private label sales.
  • [18:21] The biggest downside to building an authority site first.
  • [18:53] Scott’s efforts to build an authority site around his private label products.
  • [19:54] The DIY approach to building an authority site - what’s needed?
  • [23:30] The benefits of an authority site in terms of email capture.
  • [24:13] Jon’s response from his own authority site’s email list.
  • [27:16] The importance of keyword research for your authority site.
  • [28:49] Best practices for writing blog articles.
  • [29:25] What are comparison keywords and how do they help?
  • [31:14] Promoting an authority site: What are the best ways to do it?
  • [33:27] Jon’s unique approach to creating a blog network.
  • [35:18] Reaching out to bloggers in your space.
  • [36:02] How Amazon products are listed in Google itself.
  • [37:00] Ensuring your keyword is in your Amazon product URL.
  • [40:45] The key to success is consistency and quality links.
  • [42:47] How Jon’s team works with Amazon sellers to create niche websites.
  • [44:20] The advantage an authority site brings to your desire to sell your Amazon business.
  • [46:29] How to connect with Jon’s business for help.
  • [48:00] When to begin aiming toward a website for your product.
  • [53:24] Scott’s summary of the episode.





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