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This episode of The Amazing Seller has been brewing for some time. It’s a response to some of the most frequent myths Scott hears during the Q&A of his private label workshops (they’re free, by the way). Today Scott is not only going to tell you what these common myths are, but also WHY they are myths and what you can do to make sure that none of them happen to you. It’s a practical episode with lots of great resources you can use today to make your private label business more successful.

MYTH: Amazon is too saturated to get new products to take off.

It’s true that there are more products appearing on Amazon every single day. But it’s also true that more people are shopping on Amazon every day. The ratios of each are not the same by any stretch, but it’s clear that Amazon is still a vibrant place for businesses to be built and profit to be made. Scott’s got some very strong opinions on why people think Amazon is too saturated, and it has a lot to do with what they’re expecting as they begin to build their business. Hear the entire response to this myth, on this episode.

MYTH: It takes a lot of money to start an Amazon business?

If you had a lot of money to get started on an Amazon private label business, sure, you’d be in much better shape from the beginning. But that’s the case with any business venture. This myth is actually very foolish because it’s very easy to get started on Amazon with little to no money. In fact, Scott’s going to put you onto a case study that demonstrates that to be true. Be sure you listen to hear how Scott blows this myth right out of the water!

MYTH: The flop of a first product means Amazon private label doesn’t work.

Any product idea can flop the first time and there are a number of reasons for it. Sometimes the person didn’t follow the best practices for getting a product launched. In other words, they tried to shortcut the process. Other times the person didn’t research the depth of the market well enough to ensure that their attempts had a good chance of success. As a result, they moved into a market that was too crowded for them to get a foothold. And there are more reasons products flop on the first try, but none of that means that Amazon doesn’t work. Be sure to listen to Scott’s product launching advice so you don’t become one of the statistics.

MYTH: Amazon PPC (pay per click) is too complicated and ineffective.

It’s true that Amazon PPC is a bit complicated. But it’s not so terrible that you can’t learn it. It only takes time and experimentation to figure it out, and Scott’s confident that anyone can do it. Once you understand the system and are able to begin using it, you’ll find it to be extremely effective in helping you gain sales, which translate into a higher ranking for your product, and in turn, more organic sales coming to your listing. Find out how Scott destroys this myth, on this episode of the podcast.


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to this podcast episode!
  • [0:50] How you can register for one of Scott’s free workshops to get a product up and running.
  • [1:50] Amazon is too saturated. When is it true and when is it not?
  • [6:27] It takes a lot of money to start an Amazon business. True or not?
  • [10:31] Are review groups against the Amazon terms of service?
  • [14:01] Does a first product launch flop mean that Amazon doesn’t work?
  • [17:01] Is Amazon Pay Per Click too complicated and not profitable.
  • [22:33] Summary of these myths.
  • [24:55] Some helpful reminders about going back to the basics.


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