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Wouldn’t it be great to have experienced advice every step of the way as you launch your business? What if that “mentor” was willing to answer your questions every single week to help you on your business journey? That’s exactly what every Friday’s episode of The Amazing Seller is - it’s Scott Voelker’s Q&A with listeners where you get to ask your questions about private label sales and Scott gives his answers.Today’s episode has great questions and Scott’s seasoned answers - and you’re sure to get lots of value from what you hear, so be sure to listen!

Is a $5 profit per unit worth pursuing?

A listener from Australia is just getting into the Amazon Private Label sales world and has been using Jungle Scout (affiliate) to research his first product. He’s found one that meets all of the criteria that Scott typically recommends but isn’t sure if the pricing is viable. Every seller at this point is only selling at $10 which would only allow him $5 profit per unit. He’s curious if that is enough profit and if Scott would take the leap. You might be surprised by Scott’s response on this one, so be sure you listen to get the insights he shares.

Which is more important - seller feedback or product feedback?

A listener asks whether or not he should be asking his customers to leave feedback on his seller account or to leave reviews on his actual products. It can be a confusing thing because you need both in order to convince the Amazon search algorithm that you are both a reputable seller who is selling valuable products. On this episode Scott’s going to answer the question by giving a few different approaches that he’s seen work to garner both seller feedback and product reviews. You’ll get lots of good ideas from Scott’s response to this great question.

I see two types of Pay per Click ads (at the top and at the side). Is there a way for me to choose which I want to use?


Amazon has created an ingenious service in their promotional to all. Using pay-per-click you can run ads for your product to place them with in plain sight of people searching for the keywords you were trying to rank for. For new sellers this is one of the best ways to begin getting sales, which in turn will help you rank organically for the keywords you are pursuing. On this episode Scott talks about the placement of those pay-per-click ads and gives you some strategies you can use to maximize the use of PPC. You'll want to hear his insights on this difficult part of the Amazon private label process.

The best way to rank for a specific keyword.

If you are not able to get your private label products to rank for your preferred keywords, you will not make any sales. But the best way to rank for your targeted keywords is by selling your products. How do you get out of that catch-22? You do it by promotions and giveaways that enable you to make sales in spite of the lack of organic ranking. That is the best way to start ranking for the keywords you're targeting. On this episode Scott is going to cover this issue in depth and give you some strategies to approach your promotions and giveaways successfully. You won't want to miss this one.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:14] How you can connect with Scott’s Periscope sessions
  • [2:15] Scott’s experience with SnapChat
  • [4:44] How you can get involved in the TAS Facebook group.
  • [7:02] QUESTION ONE: Is a $5 profit per unit worth pursuing?
  • [15:40] QUESTION TWO: Which should I ask for, seller feedback or product feedback?
  • [21:36] QUESTION THREE: I see two types of sponsored ads (top and side). Is there a way to choose which I want to pay for?
  • [31:27] Get your Free Private Label Course to learn how to find and launch a product over the next 10 days.



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