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It’s time once again for the Friday edition of the Amazing Seller podcast. Why is that special? Because these Friday editions are the “Ask Scott” version of the show where Scott Voelker answers your questions questions from real life Amazon sellers who have run into a snag, hurdle, or issue of confusion in their Amazon Private Label business. Scott’s got over a year of experience doing his own private label business and has also had the opportunity to learn from numbers of experienced guests as he’s interviewed them on his podcast. You’ll find Scott’s answers revealing, helpful, and timely, so be sure you take the time to listen.


Is there a way to dominate ALL the PPC ad spots for a product?


A listener to the podcast wants to know if there is a way he can structure his PPC campaigns so that his ads show up in all of the ad boxes available for his product keywords. Why would he want to do that?  If he could do so, he would have his product shown on the page more than any other products. That translates into a higher percentage chance that he will get the purchase rather than some of his competition. Although Scott is not entirely sure if this can be done, he does give some good advice on how to go about trying on this episode of the podcast.


How should I go about determining the colors for my product?


When you sell a product that can come in a variety of colors, how should you go  about determining which colors are the best ones to offer? Today a listener asked that very question and Scott has some very practical advice on how to go about choosing the colors that you were going to sell. You shouldn't guess, and you shouldn't do what feels right to you. You should do what the facts tell you. On this episode Scott is going to tell you how to find out the facts and how to apply them to your own color choices when it comes to variations on your products.


I have closely related products. Should I create variations or individual listings for them?


It's a great idea to have products on the Amazon selling platform that are closely related to each other. This enables you to get cross sales from one product to another, which increases your profitability. But at some point you're going to need to decide if those products are so closely related that they are actually variations of each other, or if each one is unique enough that it deserves and should have its own listing. On this episode of the podcast Scott answers a question about that issue and gives some very practical advice.


You can get a free private label course in your inbox for the next 10 days.


If you are new to the world of private label sales on Amazon you can get a free 10-day course from Scott that walks you through all the steps you need to take to find your product, research whether it is worth investing in, get it established on the Amazon platform, start to drive sales through promotions, and follow up with your customers, as well as much, much more. You can get that free 10 day course about private label sales by listening to this episode of the podcast.



  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this Ask Scott episode of the podcast!
  • [0:55] How you can ask your own questions.
  • [1:15] Scott’s daughter is now engaged!
  • [3:40] 2 victories posted inside the TAS community on Facebook.
  • [5:30] QUESTION ONE: All of my products are closely related, how can I use PPC effectively to dominate ALL of the advertising squares available?
  • [14:10] QUESTION TWO: My product can be in a variety of colors… how should I go about deciding on what colors to offer?
  • [19:15] QUESTION THREE: Should I create listings as variations or as individual products?
  • [28:10] Want to get a free Private Label Course in your email for the next 10 days?





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