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You’ve found the show notes pagefor this episode of “Ask Scott” - the place where you can ask your own real-life private label questions and receiveanswers. But there’s more benefit than just asking your questions -you get to hear the answers Scott Voelker gives to other people’squestions. It’s like learning from the problems and mistakes othersare making so that you don’t have to experience them yourself. Somake sure you take the time to listen to this episode to get aneducation from the experience of thousands of Amazon sellers, inone episode.

How can I add my product to different subcategoriesinside the Amazon interface.

When you set up your productlisting on Amazon you’ll be able to choose the individualcategories that you feel best represent the niche your product isin. However, you won’t always be able to select all of thesubcategories that you see when searching for items on Amazon.Where can you find those mysterious subcategories and how do youget your products listed there? On this episode of The AmazingSeller Scott is going to walk you through the steps he’s taken overthe years to get his products into subcategories, and so farthey’ve worked every time.

I’m getting overwhelmed by the Alibaba listings. Isthere a way to filter the results?

When you are doing productresearch for private label products to sell on Amazon there are alot of options. One of the common sources of good products isAlibaba. But when you search for something on Alibaba you’ll oftensee the same company multiple times in the listings. It’s enough tomake your head spin! How can you narrow the search results to get asimpler view of the product offerings that are available? On thisepisode Scott gives some tips about how to do product research inthe simplest ways so that you can avoid overwhelm.

I’ve never done Amazon FBA but want to get started. Atwhat point should I invest in software?

There are lots of software toolsout there to help with almost every aspect of running a privatelabel sales business on Amazon. For somebody starting out it couldseem like the costs of subscribing to all of the tools will mountup pretty quickly. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scottwalks a newbie through the steps he would personally take if hewere starting all over, and he includes his opinions about ahandful of software tools and tells when he’d look into purchasingthem for us in his business. If you’re new to the private labelgame you’ll get a lot out of this answer.


Amazon private label sales is not the only viableonline business.


As you listen to the AmazingSeller you naturally are going to get lots of tips and tricks forapproaching the private label sales world. But Scott takes a fewmoments near the end of this episode to point out that much of whathe talks about are simple business principles that apply across theboard in any online business enterprise. If you want to start yourown online business but don’t want to be limited to private labelsales on Amazon, you might want to hear what Scott’s got to sayabout how to transfer many of the concepts he teaches into yourother online businesses.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to thepodcast!
  • [0:45] How to get your questionsanswered.
  • [1:10] How to get Scott’s free private labelcourse.
  • [2:55] QUESTION ONE: How can I addsubcategories to my product listing?
  • [10:55] QUESTION TWO: Is there any way tofilter by company in Alibaba?
  • [15:28] QUESTION THREE: Should a person useAmisuite as a person who hasn’t begun?
  • [24:15] Using what you learn as an Amazonseller to build any kind of business online.


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