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One of the most frustrating issues sellers run into on the Amazon platform is when they get some success under their belts with a great product and then wake up one morning to find that someone has hijacked the Amazon listing where they sold their product. It’s a black hat way that people without morals try to take over your listing with an inferior product while claiming that they are selling the identical product. It hurts your sales and could ruin your entire brand if you don’t safeguard your products. On this episode Jon Haver shares what’s happened to his listings and how he went about securing his products so that others cannot hijack a listing effectively.

It’s important to do what you can to avoid Amazon listing hijackers in the first place

There are steps you can take to remove a hijacker from your product listing on Amazon once they’ve begun tampering with your brand. But there are steps that can be taken to prevent it from happening in the first place. On this episode Jon Haver tells the story of how his products were hijacked and what he’s discovered about the things you can do to keep them from having a desire to target your product as a hijacking prospect. Be sure you listen to this episode where Scott asks Jon all the details.

The role Amazon’s Brand Registry plays in preventing product hijackers.

If you’ve not registered your private label products with Amazon’s Brand Registry you need to do it today. It’s one of the ways that Amazon has created for you to give yourself some security when it comes to the ownership of your brand. You do some specific things to prove to Amazon that your products are indeed your very own branded products and Amazon places you in its database as the “owner” of that product. This helps with the eventuality of hijackers trying to take over your episode so that you can maintain control of your brand, product, and sales. Discover the steps to protecting your listing with Brand Registry on this episode.

A security system for your Amazon product listings.

If you lived in a high crime area in your city you would likely have a home security system installed to monitor your home. A security system doesn’t keep criminals from breaking into your home, but it gives you a warning immediately when it happens and might even notify the police. Jon Haver has developed a “security system” of sorts for Amazon listings to give you notification when a potential hijacker has jumped on your product listing. This enables you to take immediate action to protect your listing and your product brand. Find out how you can use Jon’s service to protect your product listings.

Would you like a discount on your own “watch dog” for your private label listing?

One of the most important things you need to do when a hijacker begins tampering with your product listing is to take action immediately. But you can’t do that if you don’t know that a hijacker has begun making changes on your product listing. What can you do to find out sooner? You can get your very own watchdog that will “bark” to let you know that a potential hijacker is on your site. Jon Haver has created a great software solution to enable you to take immediate action when a hijacker shows up and he’s giving a special discount to everyone in the TAS community. Find out how to get your discount on his Listing Eagle service, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode about hijacking!
  • [3:52] The previous episode with Jon Haver and how he’s come to address hijackers.
  • [5:55] How Jon came to the point of selling his Amazon business.
  • [9:00] Scott’s experience with hijackers.
  • [9:31] How can you prevent hijackers in the first place.
  • [10:50] How Amazon’s Brand Registry helps prevent hijacking.
  • [12:55] What is needed on a website to help with the Brand Registry process.
  • [14:03] The first steps when your listing gets hijacked.
  • [20:25] Why you might want to lower your price to fight off a hijacker.
  • [23:04] Scott’s quick summary of how to attack hijackers quickly.
  • [25:25] How Jon has created a software solution to help with hijackings.
  • [30:39] A special offer for TAS listeners.
  • [35:13] Peace of mind for your brand and product listings.
  • [37:36] Is there still a great opportunity on Amazon? Jon’s take on the question.
  • [40:37] Scott’s summary of the issue.

RESOURCES MENTIONED ON THIS EPISODE - (affiliate link) get your discount on Jon’s notification service.

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