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It’s always helpful to hear from someone who’s launched a private label product on Amazon from scratch - and has done so recently. Well, even though Scott Voelker has been doing private label sales on Amazon for some time, he’s still starting new products and ideas now and then to experiment and to expand his business model. On today’s episode Scott walks you through his latest product launch and hones in on the things he did differently this time. The results he’s gotten have been spectacular, including ranking his product on page 1 of Amazon’s search rankings in short order. You’ll want to be sure to listen to this one.

Why Scott aimed at a product with low reviews but good sales.

One of the ways that Scott searched for his latest private label product was to filter in Jungle Scout for products that were selling a decent amount, say 5 to 10 sales per day, but had low numbers of reviews. Why did he aim at products like that? The sales show that the product is in demand to a certain degree, but that the people selling the products are not spending a ton of time promoting their products. So Scott feels that if he’s able to sell the same product but add PPC promotions to his launch, he should be able to get higher in the rankings almost immediately - and his strategy worked. Find out exactly how Scott did it, on this episode.

A keyword optimization trick for the backend of your private label product listings.

A student in the private label workshop was having trouble getting her product to show as relevant for many keywords, even though she’d filled the keyword area of her listing with relevant keywords. Scott was curious why she wasn’t getting better results so he asked her to show him the way she’d input her keywords. She had placed a comma between every keyword and Scott suggested that she remove all the commas. Within an hour her product began ranking for those keywords and something important was discovered: commas are not only unnecessary in your keyword fields, they actually hurt your listing. Find out more tips like this on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Why Scott launched with only 25 product giveaways.

On this product launch Scott decided to try something a bit different than he’d done before. He determined that he’d only give away 25 products to launch and that he’d drip those out at the rate of 5 per day for the first 5 days. This enabled him to monitor his organic sales a bit more easily, determining how many of his sales were organic and therefore gauging better whether he actually needed to continue giveaways in order to get his product ranked as high as he wanted. The result this time was a good amount of organic sales apart from the PPC, which is very good news. You’ll find out more about how Scott did his launch on a new product on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

If you’re new to the private label sales world, you need Scott’s free workshop.

At least once per month Scott holds a free private label workshop for anyone who is interested in private label sales. It’s an opportunity for you to learn the 5 phases of a successful product launch and to ask questions from Scott and many other experienced Amazon sellers who are hanging out during the course. You can get your free spot in the next workshop by listening to the announcement at the end of this episode, so be sure you do!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:30] The way to approach rumors and concerns you hear about techniques on Amazon.
  • [4:17] 4 things that make this product launch successful.
  • [10:17] Scott’s step by step process for launching this product.
  • [11:10] The best way to optimize keywords on the backend of your listings.
  • [13:15] 25 units given away, 5 per day and PPC from day one.
  • [14:30] Options for setting up your pay per click campaigns.
  • [18:14] Creating a promo with no keywords.
  • [22:10] How to use variations of products to create your own brand once you’ve tried a product.
  • [24:48] Why Amazon is a great place to test and verify a product before investing a lot of cash.

RESOURCES MENTIONED: - China sourcing in small quantities.

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