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Many people ask why Scott’s invested so much time and energy into putting out this podcast and doing his free workshops. Is it to sell his course? No, it’s not. Scott recently ran into a woman who reminded him why he’s doing all the work he is for the TAS brand. Her husband had just quit his job because their private label business, built according to Scott’s instructions and tips, had finally made it possible for him to quit and work the FBA business full time. That’s what Scott is about - helping real people get some freedom and a sense of personal control over their destiny. You can find out how Scott could help you with that, on this episode.

Different product categories have different fee structures. What fees do I pay if my product is in two categories?

If you didn’t know, you need to know that Amazon has different fee structures for products in different categories. For example, products in home and garden may have one fee and products in kitchen may have different fees. If your product is in multiple categories it can get a bit confusing as to how Amazon is going to charge you. On this episode, Scott reveals how to go about determining the fees you will pay for products in multiple categories, so be sure you listen to get his answer.

I’ve researched my product and sent them into Amazon, but I’m not getting sales? What can I do?

A listener feels that he did a pretty good job of researching his product. He got samples, tried them out on  Amazon, and felt that he’s got a good product. But now that he’s shipped his products to Amazon, it’s been a few weeks and he’s not gotten one sale. Is his product simply a bust? Should he give up and move on to something else? What would you do? Scott’s got quite a few suggestions for this seller, including an explanation of how PPC works and why it’s important to use pay per click to begin generating sales. You can hear it all on this episode of the podcast.

My product is selling well but is on page 3. What can I do to move it up?

On this episode of the podcast a listener calls in to describe her dilemma. She’s got a product that’s been on Amazon for 3 weeks and it’s already selling 10 to 15 units a day. But she ranks on page 3 and would like to get to page 1. What’s wrong to cause such great sales but such a low search ranking? Scott doesn’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with her listing or product. In fact, he thinks she’s got some great things to celebrate and suggests a very few minor tweaks that could push her onto page 1. Do you want to hear his answer? You can, on this episode of the podcast.

Would you like to ask your private label questions?

If you are curious about private label sales on Amazon, or if you’re new to the Amazon sales platform and would like to know more about how it works, you can do that by listening to this “Ask Scott” session of the Amazing Seller Podcast. But even more, you can ask your own questions and have Scott Voelker answer them on the podcast. It’s a great opportunity for you to get your newbie questions answered by a pro and learn how to build a successful private label business at the same time. Be sure to listen to find out how you can submit your questions.


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:20] How you can get your questions answered.
  • [1:33] A story from Scott’s experience at Rocky Mountain Resellers.
  • [4:04] Shout out to the TAS community on Facebook.
  • [5:14] QUESTION ONE: How does Amazon charge its fees when a product is in multiple categories?
  • [10:27] QUESTION TWO: My products have been sent into Amazon but I’ve not started PPC yet, and am seeing no sales. What’s up?
  • [17:00] QUESTION THREE: My products are selling well but my product is only on page 3. What can I do?


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