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Here it is! The “Ask Scott” session of the Amazing Seller podcast. This is where we talk about all kinds of things relating to online business, private label sales on Amazon, and anything having to do with making a better life for yourself and making a difference in the world. On this episode, you’re going to get straight, helpful answers to real life questions. And the person answering your questions is Scott Voelker, an experienced online businessman, and Amazon seller. You can also hear how to ask your own questions, so be sure to listen and learn!

The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Scott has recently moved from upstate New York to South Carolina and he’s noticed the difference his surroundings are making on his own mindset. In particular, he’s aware of the people in his neighborhood. Their focus on fitness and healthy eating are impacting Scott and his family, encouraging them toward their own version of fitness and health. It’s an example of why the people you surround yourself with are hugely important for your life - and Scott's got some encouragement for YOU along that line, on this episode.

What are the pros and cons of listing a new product as a variation VS a stand alone product?

Many people are discovering opportunities to create multiple products based on their first product. Sometimes it’s as simple as creating a variation of the product (color, size, etc.) and other times it’s a new product that is different in a unique or significant way. On this episode, Scott covers the advantages of variations VS new product listings and encourages Amazon sellers to think about who they are targeting with their product as one way to decide whether there are advantages to one approach over the other. Be sure you listen if you’re interested in creating multiple products as a spin-off from your original product.

How does my product rating relate to my number and quality of reviews?

There isn’t any way to know for sure how your product rating relates to your reviews simply because Amazon doesn’t reveal how its algorithm works when it comes to product ratings. But there are some things you can focus on to help you improve your product rating. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives a couple of very practical things you can focus on to improve your product rating overall. Both are simple but do take some time. So make sure you listen and commit yourself to doing the work to improve your business and products.

I’m creating product packs from a bulk quantity but I’m having trouble scaling.

A listener called in to ask for help from Scott concerning scaling his sales to a higher level. He’s purchasing bulk size orders of various products and breaking the bulk packaging apart to place the individual products into smaller quantity packages. The problem is that the labor of doing so is slowing down his ability to scale his sales. It’s a very creative and intriguing idea that’s getting good sales traffic but he wants to have more opportunity. Scott’s got some great ideas about how he can leverage others to help him scale the business.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:20] The TAS power hour - a Facebook/Periscope broadcast - Fridays 1PM Eastern.
  • [4:01] The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
  • [9:12] QUESTION ONE: What are the pros and cons of listing variations VS stand alone products.
  • [16:08] QUESTION TWO: My product rating is at 3.9 out of 5. To me it doesn’t make sense when I look at my reviews? Can you shed some light?
  • [25:15] QUESTION THREE: I’m having trouble scaling my sales due to some logistical issues. Can you help me think it through?
  • [34:30] The TAS Power Hour broadcast - and how you can get involved.


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