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Scott and his friends - Chris Schaeffer and Don Sugar have been doing some Periscope and Facebook live sessions talking about various issues that have to do selling products on Amazon. They’re calling these “TAS Power Hours” and they’ve been a lot of fun so far. Today’s podcast episode is a republication of one of those power hours that was done recently and it has some incredible content about current issues being experienced selling on Amazon. You’ll get to hear a lot about new ways people are hijacking listings, brand registry, product research, and more.


Is Amazon hijacking listings?


Many people who sell private label products on Amazon are concerned about people hijacking their listing. That means that a person comes into your listing and offers similar, but not the same products under your listing. There are ways they can do that and gain control over the product listing to change things and potentially damage your brand. It turns out that there are some new ways that hijackers are taking over listings using some of Amazon’s own tools - so it looks like Amazon has taken over the listing. It’s a bit confusing so make sure you listen to this episode.


Amazon brand registry is even more important for private label sellers these days.


Because of the more creative ways that black hat folks are taking over product listings (hijacking) it’s more important than ever that you get your product brand listed on Amazon’s brand registry. It’s not a defense against being hijacked but it definitely gives you the right to get the control of your listings back if they are hijacked. You’ll want to hear this discussion about brand registry and how you can take steps to get your product line registered with Amazon.


Are you afraid of choosing the wrong private label product?


One of the things that Scott hears often is that many people see the opportunity of selling private label products via Amazon but are scared to take the plunge because they are concerned that they will choose the wrong product. It’s a reasonable fear, and one that Chris Schaeffer says he feels every time he chooses a product. But should that be a reason not to get started? Everybody on the podcast today says, “NO!” You’ve got to hear why they say that on this episode.


Should you try to launch a product on Amazon that isn’t there at this point?


Some people who consider selling products on Amazon think that their wonderful new idea or invention is a perfect fit for Amazon private label. But if the product is brand new to Amazon - there’s nothing even close to it already selling - there are reasons to be cautious. What you might do first is launch a product in the same niche that IS already on the platform, then once it’s rolling and you have a good email list and customer base, launch your new product. You can hear how the guys would go about doing it on this episode of the podcast.




  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this power hour episode of the podcast!
  • [2:54] The next TAS live event on November 5 & 6, 2016.
  • [6:44] Getting hijacked by Amazon? Yep, it happened.
  • [11:25] Why brand registry is so important.
  • [18:11] Is fear of choosing the wrong product something that should hold you back?
  • [33:50] How to use Google Trends to choose products.
  • [43:30] Comparing sales in the U.S. vs other markets.
  • [48:00] What grinds Scott’s gears this week.
  • [53:55] You have to understand the risk/reward process.
  • [59:30] The risks associated with selling products on Amazon’s rented land.
  • [1:01:00] Q4 sales: Is it possible to get a new product up in time?
  • [1:03:50] The issue of business entities and how to decide it.
  • [1:07:01] Advice for product research paralysis: Pick one and go do it.
  • [1:13:15] Don’t forget to include product registration cards to gain contacts.


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