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Scott has been hosting the TAS Power Hour on Fridays at 1PM EST and the response has been great. This episode of the podcast is a replay recording of one of the recent power hours where he and his friend Chris Schaeffer discuss a handful of important strategies you can use to increase product sales on and off of Amazon. You’ll probably hear some ideas on this episode that you’ve not heard before and Scott and Chris walk you through the steps it takes to put most of them in place and begin profiting.

The benefits of live events and why TAS Breakthrough LIVE is a BETTER event.

Scott and Chris recorded this episode of the podcast live at a conference that the two of them attended together. The things they heard and experienced at the event caused them to chat about the benefits of that kind of event and why Scott has put together a different kind of event. You’ll be intrigued by their ideas and the benefits of a low number, hands-on event like Scott and Chris hold frequently. Find out how you can get into the next TAS LIVE event on this episode.

How content overload can lead to content paralysis.

One of the things Chris and Scott realized as they experienced the Content and Commerce event was that events (and podcasts) can provide so much content and great information that the people attending or learning can become a bit paralyzed. They don’t know where to start, what step to take first, how much of what they’re learning applies to their current situation, and more. On this episode the two of them talk about that situation and why they take care not to let themselves get into a place of paralysis. You’ll learn a lot by listening to this one.

The impact of variations in product sales.

You’ve probably heard Scott talk about the addition of product variations to your product line. What are the benefits of adding variations to your products? Does a variation actually add to your workload of stocking product SKUs without adding much financial benefit? There are many concerns about the approach of product variations and Scott and Chris address all of those questions on this episode of the show.

Why an email list is your most valuable asset.

Chris Shaeffer has said it before and he’ll continue to say it: Your email list is the greatest asset your business owns. On this episode, as he and Scott talked about the importance of an email list for any business that sells products or services, Chris covered how you can use your email list to target your audience through platforms like Facebook and how you can also use it to create what’s called a lookalike audience of potential customers who could quickly and naturally opt-in to your email list - and it all starts with compiling your own customer list in the first place. Find out all the details on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:30] Thoughts about the event Chris and Scott attended.
  • [8:30] How content overload can lead to content paralysis.
  • [18:47] Recommendations about whether to hire a VA to do product research.
  • [19:47] Tools to forecast sales projections and how to expand product lines.
  • [26:09] How variations impact your sales numbers.
  • [30:00] Why email lists are your most valuable asset.
  • [36:09] How a bundle giveaway could work for an email list lead magnet.
  • [40:25] The possibility of Amazon lightning deals to spike BSR, sales, and reviews.
  • [51:32] Understanding what a product line really IS and why 3 is an ideal place to start.
  • [53:45] How to integrate recurring sales into your business model.
  • [58:35] How bloggers can integrate private label sales into their platform.


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