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In the business world these days you hear a ton of talk about mindset. There’s a reason for that. Mindset is one of the things that determines your progress and your ultimate level of success. And the good thing is that it’s one of the main things you can actually control. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott’s going deep with a friend of his, Ryan Daniel Moran about the development of a strong, success-oriented mindset. Both of them are convinced that the true bottleneck to success and growth is right between our ears. If you want to know how to break out of the limiting mindset habits you have, you’ve got to hear this great episode.

Often, the bottleneck in growth and success is mindset.

What you believe is possible for you will naturally limit what you find possible practically. It’s a fact of life. If you don’t think you can lift a 50-pound weight, you won’t be able to do it. In fact, you might not even make the attempt. That’s a simple example of how mindset can be the bottleneck to many things in our lives. On this episode, Scott chats with his buddy Ryan Moran about this issue of mindset - and they go deep. You’ll learn a handful of strategies to help you reset your mindset over time and reach greater levels of success as a result.

Beliefs TIMES strategy and execution TIMES time = results

One of the most powerful things Ryan Moran shares on this episode of The Amazing Seller is his formula for how our mindset impacts our results. Here it is: Beliefs TIMES strategy and execution TIMES time EQUAL results. What it means is that what you believe will be multiplied through the approach and actions you take and over time your results will come about. It’s a bit confusing to see in print but Ryan explains it incredibly well on this episode, so be sure you listen.

The 10X exercise is a way you can stretch your perception of what is normal and possible

One of the things Ryan Moran does with those who he coaches and who attend his events is what he calls “The 10X Exercise.” He has you write down the level of income you are experiencing right now. Then he has you write down where you want to be. Then - one more step - he has you write down 10 times what you want. A very interesting thing begins to happen as people write down that 10X number, something most people don’t anticipate. Do you know what it is? On this episode, Ryan shares the story and tells you what it reveals about mindset, beliefs about possibility, and more - on this episode.

Association and input determine what you believe is possible

Everyone is a product of the environment they have lived within. The things you hear as “normal” are the things you come to believe ARE normal. It’s THAT perception of what is normal that dictates what you believe is possible. How do you stretch that boundary? How do you get yourself to believe that more is possible for you, for your business? On this episode Ryan Moran shares some of the ways he’s found it possible to break through those perceived limitations for himself, so be sure you listen to find out how you can begin moving into a place of greater success and possibility.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode with his guest Ryan Moran of Freedom Fast Lane.
  • [3:54] Why Ryan believes that you are wired for the results you are getting right now.
  • [7:14] What does Ryan put into his head regularly (and why does he put on events)?
  • [10:25] Beliefs TIMES strategy and execution TIMES time = results.
  • [17:08] How you can break through the mindset limitations you have.
  • [22:54] How tiny habits lead to greater success - eventually.
  • [28:06] What happens when you attain your goal? What then?
  • [32:15] The power of active appreciation in determining value.
  • [46:58] Tactical things you can do to change your mindset.
  • [55:00] The upcoming event Ryan is hosting in Austin, TX.
  • [59:21] The type of people you’ll meet at Ryan’s event in Austin.


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