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So many things having to do with Amazon private label sales change from week to week. With changes happening that rapidly it’s hard to keep abreast of everything and to actually KNOW how to apply the changes effectively for your brand and products. That’s why these TAS Power Hour episodes are so helpful. Three experienced Amazon sellers unpack the current happenings in the Amazon ecosphere on the spot, as they are announced so you can get some perspective on what’s happening and what it means to you. Be sure to listen - this is a great episode that covers a handful of very important topics that have happened lately.

Are you using the enhanced listings for your Amazon products? Why not?!!!

If you aren’t aware of it, you need to know, Amazon has now rolled out an amazing feature for anyone who has brand registered their products. You can now use the Amazon enhanced listing feature to build out your product listings very much like a long form sales landing page. The drag and drop format and enhanced formatting options like bold, underlining, and more make it possible for you to make your product listing incredibly attractive and powerfully effective as a sales tool. You’ve got to hear the details from the TAS Power Hour guys, on this episode.

No more “dollar off” discount codes on Amazon products. It’s true.

It used to be the case that you could create discount codes for your Amazon products in two different formats - dollars-off and percentage-off. But it’s not that way anymore. Amazon has now restricted the options to only allow percentage-off discounts. Why is this a big deal? Because the percentage option allows those who receive it to game the system - sort of - and cost you some extra cash as a seller. The guys unpack the issue on this TAS Power Hour episode so be sure you listen so you can know the best ways to use your offer codes.

Does Amazon allow you to send discount codes to your email list?

With all of the changes going on surrounding review policies on Amazon and the use of discounts in exchange for a review (which isn’t allowed anymore), many people are confused as to what is legal and what is not. One question that comes up over and over is whether or not you as a seller are allowed to send out discount codes for your products via your email list. On this episode of the TAS Power Hour the guys discuss that strategy - tell why it’s so powerful - and what Amazon really thinks about it. You’ve got to hear this one.

It’s now possible to lock down your Amazon products to prevent hijackers.

For a long time now, Scott and his buddies have been recommending that every person who is selling products on Amazon go through the process of brand registering their products so they can get in on the many benefits it brings. Now there’s another benefit that’s been added to the brand registry perks - and it's amazing! You can now essentially lock down your products so that anyone who wants to list a product under that listing has to ask YOUR permission to do so. It’s incredible. Find out how to take advantage of this new perk on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this Power Hour episode of the podcast!
  • [1:04] How you can get involved in the next LIVE workshop.
  • [6:23] What is this about enhanced content for Amazon product listings?
  • [18:49] Amazon changes the discount code options.
  • [28:46] Are you allowed to send promo codes to your email list?
  • [41:00] A giveaway experiment that is exploding in email opt-ins.
  • [43:40] It’s now possible to lock down your products to prevent hijackers.


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