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One of the frustrations about selling products on Amazon is that the platform is changing all the time. But one of the GREAT things about it is that things are changing all the time, too! Every now and then a change is made to the terms of service or tools that make it much BETTER for those selling their private label products on Amazon. On this episode Scott is walking through some of the most recent changes, helping you understand what they mean for you, and showing you how to use them effectively on your products to ramp up sales.

If your products are not brand registered you are now SERIOUSLY missing out on new features!

For a while now Amazon has been allowing private label sellers to apply for brand registration - a way to register yourself as the only owner of your brand. So far there have only been a few benefits to being brand registered but as of the last week, there’s a HUGE reason to get your products brand registered - you can get new formatting tools to make your product listing stand out in some special ways. Images, text enhancements and formatting, additional bullets, and more are now yours - but only if you’re brand registered. Find out how you can take advantage of it, on this episode.

What if you could build a long form sales page for your private label products?

Leadpages and ClickFunnels are two of the popular landing page software services that enable you to build sales pages on your own website. Statistics prove that landing pages of this sort are much more effective in making sales. Now Amazon has created some template-based features for all brand registered products that make your product listing much more like a long-form sales page. You can find out the details and learn how to start building your own product listing sales pages on the Amazon platform - on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Do you have access to the new Enhanced Content on your Amazon listings?

Amazon has been rolling out a new feature - enhanced content - to all brand registered sellers over the past few weeks. But not everyone is seeing it yet. If you’re not seeing this new option in the advertising tab of your seller account then you need to reach out to Amazon to see how you can get it. Chris and Scott walk through what they suggest you do if Amazon has not given you the enhanced content yet, on this episode.

Now you can get rid of hijackers forever - by getting brand registered.

For quite a while now it’s been possible for someone to list products under your product listing and eventually take it over, leaving you with no control over your own product listing. But Amazon has now created a way for you to prevent that from happening, but you’ve got to be brand registered first. But not everyone gets approved for brand registry the first time. How do you keep working to get your products registered if you’ve been rejected? You can find out by hearing what Scott and Chris have to say, on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:05] How you can get in on the next live workshop.
  • [1:54] Enrollment for the private label course is closing!
  • [3:54] What is enhanced content and where can you check it out?
  • [7:20] The templates and layouts that can be used for the enhanced content.
  • [13:35] How this new change is like a long-form sales page.
  • [15:00] Be sure NOT to include testimonials in these new fields.
  • [24:24] Why it’s vital that you get brand registered immediately.


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