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What’s the latest sticking point in your Amazon or eCommerce business moving forward? Are you having trouble with product selection? Are there questions about using the Amazon dashboard or backend? Maybe it has to do with list-building or sales funnels. This is the Friday episode of The Amazing Seller podcast where you can ask your questions about eCommerce and private label sales on Amazon - and Scott Voelker is the guy who will answer your questions on the episode.

Is it helpful to include a product video on my Amazon listing?

One of the newest things the Amazon platform offers to private label sellers is the opportunity to create an enhanced product listing. You have to brand register your products to have the option but it allows you to adjust and improve your listing in lots of ways. One of those way is the inclusion of a product video to show more of the benefits and features of your products. But is it always a good idea? And if it is beneficial, what improvements in ranking and sales should you expect to see as a result? On this episode Scott walks through some of the initial things you can expect from adding a video to your product listing, so be sure you take the time to learn about this new feature.

How important is a unique design for my new product?

A listener called in to ask a question about the benefits of having a unique product design. He’s a graphic designer and as he looks through the Amazon catalogue many of the products seem to be pretty generic to him. He feels that he could create a better design for a product and quickly be THE go-to brand in the niche simply because his product is different. But is that true? On this Ask Scott episode, Scott Voelker walks through the pros and cons of creating a unique design for your products and when you should consider it in the product launch stages. If you’re curious about how to go about differentiating your products you need to hear this episode.

How can I go about tracking my product inventory. Amazon’s numbers don’t look right?

One of the listeners to The Amazing Seller Podcast called in to ask a question about the stats and inventory numbers that Amazon provides in the backend of the seller accounts. He doesn’t feel that his numbers look accurate because his total sales, returns, and remaining inventory numbers don’t add up. He’s curious if Scott has a better way to keep track of numbers instead of relying on Amazon’s numbers, and whether or not he should contact Amazon’s seller help to find out why their numbers are different. You can hear Scott’s answer on this episode.

Is retail arbitrage still an option? How can it be combined with private label sales?

Many Amazon sellers get their start by selling products through retail arbitrage on Amazon. That simply means they find discounted products under existing brands and sell them on Amazon as a wholesaler. But most people move from there into private label sales, which means they source their own product, brand it themselves, and have exclusive rights to the sale of that product. But it’s possible to do both at the same time and to continue doing both to add more cash flow to the business. In response to a couple of questions about retail arbitrage, Scott Voelker shares how some sellers are doing exactly that, so be sure you listen.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:28] A concept to consider for the new year: Setting your target.
  • [6:59] QUESTION ONE: How important is a film/video about your product?
  • [12:51] QUESTION TWO: How important is design for a new product? Costs?
  • [18:45] QUESTION THREE: How do you go about tracking product inventory?
  • [23:50] QUESTION FOUR: How can I become the top seller in retail arbitrage?


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