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When you’ve got an established product on Amazon and your sales and search ranking suddenly go down, what happened? On this hot seat episode, Scott and Chris are chatting about a hot seat product where both those rankings have dropped 20% since last year. That’s a significant loss of revenue and the seller wants to fix the problem! You can’t blame him - and Scott and Chris have some great insights into why it’s happening and how the problem could be addressed. It’s all on this episode.

If Amazon asks you to be THEIR vendor, should you jump at the chance?

The hot seat participant in today’s episode of the podcast has an established wholesale brand that he’s been selling on Amazon and fulfilling himself (through his company). Amazon has seen his success and has approached him about being a vendor for them - meaning he’d sell directly to Amazon and they would purchase at a wholesale rate. There are all kinds of pluses to doing that, but there are also some cons you want to be aware of. The guys go over the pros and cons in depth on this episode.

When your private label sales drop by 20% - what’s the problem and how do you fix it?

Anytime a product that has been successfully selling drops in sales by 20%, you should be concerned. That’s what happened to this episode’s “hot seat” participant and he’s asking Scott and Chris to help him figure out what changed. You’ll hear the guys talk about all kinds of possibilities and pinpoint one thing in particular that is the most likely culprit. It’s a great episode that addresses a number of things so be sure you make the time to listen.

Is being eligible for Amazon Prime an important part of getting sales?

There’s no question that private label sellers who connect with the Amazon Prime feature by fulfilling through Amazon are at a HUGE advantage. Not only does it appear more professional, but anyone who has Amazon Prime can order your products and receive them with free shipping and free returns if they have issues with the product. That means there is a lot more motivation for them to choose your product over another. Find out how this seller is making the decision about getting listed with FBA, on this episode.

How do you test keywords to see what is best for your products?

If you are trying to optimize your product listing for the best keywords (and you should) then you’ll want to systematically test all the possible keywords for your product to ensure that you’re using the actual keywords and phrases buyers are using to find products like yours. How do you do that? You have to use the Amazon PPC (pay per click) promotions to drill down into what buyers are actually using to find your products. That’s the only way, and it does cost some money, but if you do it right it will yield great results. How do you do it right? Scott and Chris cover that on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:42] The situation that’s on the hot seat today!
  • [5:20] Pros and Cons of Amazon approaching you to be THEIR vendor.
  • [10:50] Sales have dropped 20% and search rank has dropped. Not sure what happened.
  • [13:20] The advantage of fulfilling via Amazon Prime - and how it impacts rankings.
  • [17:51] How can keywords be improved on this product - and can we use sponsored ads to help?
  • [28:30] The power of having a seasoned seller account - and getting it via seller feedback.
  • [34:36] Final summary of action points for this seller.


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