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On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott interviews Steve Chou, a successful business leader, and entrepreneur. After years of building a thriving eCommerce business, Steve decided to take his insights and knowledge to help others get started in this booming industry. The primary way Steve is imparting his knowledge is by organizing high-quality and high-value conferences. Don’t check out at the thought of attending a conference. You might think it’s not worth your time, but you don’t know what you are missing! Listen has Steve and Scott make the case for leveraging the networking and collaborative opportunities available at eCommerce conferences.

Let’s face it, conferences can feel like a HUGE waste of time. If you have a family, it’s super inconvenient to take off for a few days and leave your spouse and kids behind. Is it really worth it? Steve Chou use to think that conferences were a waste of time too. Now he attends five to six conferences a year and he’s become a conference organizer. What made him change? What value did he find? He found that collaboration and networking were a wonderful byproduct of attending these gatherings. Hear more about how Steve has leveraged attending conferences to expand his business and success on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

What goes into crafting the most memorable and impactful conference events? What makes a conference stand out from all the rest? Avid conference attendee and business leader Steve Chou has learned over the years what makes a great conference. In recent years, he has turned to organizing conferences that stay small and intimate. Steve is convinced that the most value a person can get out of a conference lies in WHO they interact with. Information is wonderful and it’s an important feature but getting to know someone and bouncing ideas off of them is one of the most valuable yet underrated keys to a successful conference experience.

Everyone has been there, you went to a conference to get a jumpstart to your business and yet days or weeks later you still haven’t taken any action on what you learned. How do you apply the information you receive from eCommerce conferences? Conference organizer and business leader Steve Chou suggests finding someone who will hold you accountable. Maybe this is someone you meet at the conference, maybe it's a family member or business associate. The key point here is, you need someone who will check in and hold you to implementing the information you gathered at a conference.

There are many people curious about and trying to get started in eCommerce. Is eCommerce still a viable industry to start a business in? Is it worth taking the time to explore and invest in? Entrepreneur Steve Chou is convinced that the best is yet to come regarding eCommerce. He says that eCommerce is still just a small fraction of overall sales. Patterns show that it will continue to get increasingly difficult and competitive as more and more people pour into the marketplace. Steve highlights the necessity of finding the unique value proposition of what you are selling. To here Steve expand on this idea and more, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:30] Scott welcomes Steve Chou to the show.
  • [4:30] Steve tells a little about himself.
  • [6:50] Why does Steve go to so many conferences?
  • [13:30] Big things can happen from attending one event.
  • [21:30] What advice would Steve give to people who attend events?
  • [23:00] How do you organize events that appeal to the most people?
  • [27:30] What has Steve learned from past events to improve upon?
  • [30:00] How do you apply the info you gather from conferences?
  • [36:30] Who will be speaking at Steve’s next conference?
  • [46:20] Is e-commerce still a viable industry?
  • [51:00] A face to the brand or business.


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