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It’s that time of year again, 4th quarter! Are you positioned in the best possible way for your brand to get the exposure and results you need? What will it take for this year to end well for your bottom line? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris as they help prepare sellers like you as the fourth quarter of 2017 kicks into full swing. The guys discuss their planned PPC strategy, when to use PPC and when not to in the 4th quarter, how to use Bid Plus, when to use headline search ads, and much more! You don’t want to miss this crucial episode!

Increasing PPC Usage

Have you thought of or developed a plan for using PPC during the 4th quarter? How do you think your usage will change during this time of year? Should it change? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and Chris jump right into how they plan on using PPC this final quarter of 2017. One aspect that the guys touch on is regarding sudden increases versus a steady increase in PPC spending. At the end of the day, both Scott and Chris encourage sellers to lean more toward a steady increase over a sudden increase. If you’d like to hear them expand on this topic and more, make sure to catch this episode!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday PPC Effectiveness

Are you prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What lessons will you integrate from your experience last year? How do you plan to document your experience this year in order to make changes for next season? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris as they explain their approach when it comes to using PPC during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both Scott and Chris agree that if your product is performing well up to those days, there is no strong reason to change your PPC spending. To hear the guys dive deeper into this subject, listen to this episode!

Headline Search Ads

Is it a good idea to take advantage of headline search ads during the 4th quarter? Have you considered using headline search ads before? Not every seller has access to this feature, but for those of you that do, this is an important question to consider. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Chris shares his thoughts on this important feature. If you have multiple products listed for your brand, Chris encourages you to take advantage of this helpful tool. Don’t expect to use this tool and see explosive or massive results, make sure you use it as part of a larger 4th quarter strategy. Don’t miss this episode to hear further thoughts on headline search ads and more!

Using PPC with Lightning Deals

Have you been able to utilize Amazon’s Lightning Deals feature yet? What has been your experience using that promotion? Do you plan on using PPC in addition to Lightning Deals? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and Chris give their take using PPC while running your product through Amazon’s Lightning Deals promotion. The guys conclude that it’s not the best idea to continue using PPC while you have a product featured in the Lightning Deals program. Make sure to listen to this episode as they elaborate on their reasoning and share additional helpful insights - don’t miss it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:00] Chris opens up about PPC use in the 4th Quarter.
  • [9:00] The wisdom of slowly increasing your PPC usage.
  • [15:00] Making PPC adjustments and increasing spending for 4th Qtr.
  • [20:00] Is it worth running PPC on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  • [23:30] What is Bid Plus?
  • [28:30] Should you use headline search ads?
  • [34:00] Is it a good idea to have PPC on in addition to Lightening Deals?
  • [36:30] Chris recaps his strategy for 4th Qtr.


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