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Let’s face it, everyone has their own story filled with the highs and lows that life brings along. Some people have more tragedy and pain in their life than others but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you choose to move forward. Will you stay stuck and defeated by your pain or will you move forward and rise above it? The choices you make today can have the power to shape your life for years to come! Make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott sits down with Joel Bower and opens up about his childhood, the pain his mother struggled with, how that’s impacted him today, and more.

Why it’s helpful to understand how the past shapes us.

Did you know that there is one on earth who is a self-made individual? It’s true! While the term often refers to someone who’s worked hard to build their wealth or fame with their talent and hard work it can be misleading. People are a product of their surroundings, for good and for bad. The more you buy the lie that your past doesn’t matter, the more you cut yourself off from growth. What lessons can you learn from looking back at your past? What healing could occur? Learn from Scott’s story and how he’s been able to embrace and come to terms with his past to plot a more hopeful future by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Pain is part of the story, you choose what power it holds.

Hearing Scott open up about the pain that filled his childhood from the tension in his parent's relationship to financial struggles, alcoholism, and an eventual divorce seems like too much for any one person to bear. While it would have been understandable for Scott to succumb too much of the pain in his life, he chose a different path. He didn’t want his story to be dominated by the pain in his past, he wanted to use it as fuel for a brighter future. You can do that too! You don’t have to let the narratives of past hurt or failure to define your future. Hear more about Scott’s journey by listening to this powerful episode of The Amazing Seller.

If the pain is too much to bear, please get help.

One of the toughest aspects of Scott’s story is hearing the long-term impact of substance abuse and isolation. As she struggled with the pain of her own past, Scott’s mother sought relief by depending on alcohol and prescription drugs to relieve the pain. Thankfully, he was able to witness his mother find freedom through sobriety before her death. During a particularly difficult time in his life, Scott had mentioned taking the route of committing suicide. Looking back, he doesn’t think he really would have followed through with the threat, he was just trying to elicit a response from his mother. Both of these aspects of Scott story serve as a reminder that life can pull you in directions you would never have imagined if it gets to be too much to bear, get help. Don’t struggle and suffer alone, a healthy and fulfilling life is worth fighting for!

Believe in yourself and pursue what makes you happy!

At the end of the day, Scott wants his story to serve as an example that you can rise above your pain and pursue a life of joy and happiness. While it is not helpful to ignore your pain, the key is to find a way to focus on what you can do with your life in the here and now. Embrace a future where you can pursue what makes you happy. Believe in yourself and your ability to go out there a succeed. If you need encouragement and motivation, look to what Scott has done. No, he’s not perfect but he wants his story to help leaders like you who are wondering if they have anything to offer the world - you do!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:30] Scott welcomes Joel to the podcast.
  • [5:00] You can use your pain as fuel to move forward.
  • [7:15] A preface to Scott’s story.
  • [8:45] Scott starts to share his story.
  • [15:15] What it was like growing up in a tumultuous household.
  • [24:45] Why Scott struggles with leaving his family even for a short trip.
  • [28:30] How your past story shapes your current behavior.
  • [30:45] Scott talks about having to make the decision to live with his father over his mom.
  • [36:20] What would be different if the challenges and hurt never happened?
  • [39:00] Why does Scott feel compelled to control things in his life?
  • [43:00] Scott talks about building his house.
  • [46:00] The long-term impact of fear, suicide, and death.
  • [50:00] Finding stability and building a solid foundation.
  • [55:15] Why it’s important to believe in yourself and pursue what makes you happy.
  • [57:00] Scott talks about the moment he found out his mother had passed away.
  • [1:00:00] Advice for people who are struggling right now.
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