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Have you been thinking about how to take your brand to the next level of growth? Where do you want to focus your business efforts for the next year? What is your ultimate goal? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he sits down with returning guest, Kathleen Kobel. In her conversation with Scott, Kathleen opens up about how she got started as an ecommerce seller, what made her expand her brand, challenges she has faced along the way, and much more. Make sure to have pen and paper ready; you are going to need it for this fascinating episode featuring Kathleen! 

Play to your strengths!

How do you feel about the current slate of responsibilities and roles you have in your business? Do you feel like it’s time to shift your focus and get some outside help to take the brand to the next level of growth? The truth is, every ecommerce business owner should be working toward the day where they can stop spreading themselves so thin. Imagine what it would look like in your business if you could focus on your strengths and have virtual assistants take care of the rest. Make sure to tune in to this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more about this critical topic! 

Product listing tips 

Did you know that there are steps you can take right now that will help your ecommerce business grow faster than you had expected? It’s true! From bullet points to product images, sellers like you leave easy fixes untouched every day. Slowing down and taking the time to thoroughly go through your listing or paying someone to do it for you could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. To hear about Kathleen’s favorite product listing optimization tips, make sure to listen to this episode! 

Why an outside perspective is helpful 

When was the last time you took the opportunity to learn from an outside business perspective? Too often, business leaders get so focused on their particular vision and dream for their business that they fail to consider the perspective of an objective outside observer. If you take the time to learn from others who have been in your shoes before - you’ll find valuable insights. Don’t leave it all to guesswork, connect with a mentor, or ask for some feedback from a trusted friend; you won’t regret it. Learn more about getting feedback from an outside perspective by listening to this episode! 

Think outside your brand

Let’s face it, the days of building a brand by finding some popular products to flip or a fad to latch onto are long gone! What should sellers like you do to stay ahead of the curb and keep your competition where they belong? According to Scott, it all comes down to thinking outside of your brand. Consider Scott’s story, and Kathleen has been able to accomplish with her brand - you have a unique offering that the marketplace needs! Go even deeper with this topic by listening to Scott and Kathleen’s conversation on this informative episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:00] Kathleen Kobel re-joins Scott on the podcast and gives an update. 
  • [13:45] How to leverage your knowledge to make more profit. 
  • [19:30] Easy fixes you should look for when optimizing a product listing. 
  • [22:00] Kathleen explains how she helps sellers like you. 
  • [25:30] How to stand out on Amazon. 
  • [27:20] Expanding the brand and identifying problem areas. 
  • [38:40] Why it can be helpful to do an audit of your business. 
  • [42:30] Closing thoughts from Kathleen. 


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