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What does it take to go out there and grab a piece of the marketplace and call it your own? Is it possible to grow a brand based on a following you’ve cultivated? What role should your Amazon seller’s account play? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he introduces a Brand Accelerator Live session featuring Alex from Travel Fashion Girl. In her session, Alex talks about how she grew her brand from the ground up, why she decided to partner with other influencers, what it took to monetize her brand, challenges she faced along the way, and so much more. You’ll want to have pen and paper ready as Alex drops some helpful tips on this episode! 

Why you should trust Alex 

While you may never have met Scott, hearing from him week in and week out may feel like you’ve grown to know him and trust him. Scott wants you to extend that same level of trust to Alex from Travel Fashion Girl - and she’s earned it! 

Alex started because she was frustrated by the lack of information for women available when she began traveling. In 2008, most packing tips were based around two pairs of trousers, four t-shirts, and three pairs of underwear – a packing list more suitable for a man as most were written by men. Recognizing the need for a resource that offered women a more precise and visual idea about what they needed to pack consisting of practical items with a feminine point of view - Alex went to work. To create accurate, relevant content, Alex spent over a year interviewing other travelers on the road before launching Travel Fashion Girl in August 2012.

As you can tell, Alex has been around the ecommerce community for some time now. You’ll notice that Alex uses much of the same brand-building strategies that Scott champions. Pay close attention to how Alex has created a growth strategy unique to her brand!

The right mindset matters!

How well do you handle adversity? Do you find yourself often frustrated and overwhelmed when things don’t go your way? Or do you keep your cool and find a solution that will work for all parties? The truth is, not everyone has the right mindset and skillsets to become a successful small business owner - but they can be acquired along the way! A successful ecommerce business leader will be ready to adapt to any situation that arises; they have to be flexible and eager to find a solution not quick to point out mistakes. To learn more about adopting the right mindset to succeed in business, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Building blocks 

What are the essential things you need to get your business started on the right foot? Most people would say a pile of cash and good connections - while that would certainly help, you need the right approach! Each phase of building your business doesn’t have to be perfect; you just need to be ready to course-correct and learn from your mistakes. Think of each phase of your business as grades in school; each year builds on what you’ve learned so far - the same is true in business! Discover how Alex’s approach changed and adapted over the years and how she evolved into an expert business leader by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:00] Alex’s session at Brand Accelerator Live. 
  • [9:30] How did Alex start her blog? 
  • [14:00] Monetizing the brand. 
  • [16:00] Creating relevant content. 
  • [20:00] Using SEO to grow your brand. 
  • [22:20] Leveraging the data you’ve gathered. 
  • [32:00] How Alex is selling her own ecommerce products. 
  • [38:00] Connecting with social media influencers. 
  • [43:00] The mindset that has helped Alex build her brand. 
  • [46:00] Alex takes questions from the audience. 
  • [52:00] Closing thoughts from Scott. 


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