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What You Need To Know About Choosing Social Platforms

I've been asked a lot of questions about what platforms to focus your energy and how to leverage them to your benefit. Here are a few answers to some of those questions, and I hope they help you on your journey to creating a successful brand! 

What Platforms Should You Focus Your Efforts On? 

It's common for people to look at what's trending and see what everyone is gravitating towards. Instead, I recommend answering a couple of questions. 

#1 Use Keywords to Find Proof Your Niche is Being Searched For

Identify where your market is hanging out and consuming content. Start by going to Google and typing in a short keyword from your niche. From there, try the same process using some long-tail keywords. Find out if there content being created. 

From there, you can head over to Ubersuggest and let it tell you what other content is being created using the same or similar keywords. You'll also be able to find websites that successfully implement those keywords and see what type of content is doing well for them and what channels they are leveraging. 

The goal here is to be able to identify the best platform you should start with based on your keywords and what the competition is doing. 

#2 What Platform Are You Confident With and Can Show Up Consistently 

You should never bank on one traffic source. I would focus your efforts on Google Traffic, Pinterest, and Youtube. They are evergreen types of traffic, and you can create an asset, which will be beneficial for years to come. 

Note: On one of our brands, we discovered a post that we created ten months ago that is now starting to take off. It's getting over 2,000 page views every single month now. It takes some time, but it pays off. We identified that there was traffic on Google for that topic, so we wrote about it, and it's now paying off, which is awesome. We can leverage that piece of content to monetize, which is great. So you just need to get started now. 

The perfect formula would take your Youtube video and imbed it into your blog post and create an entire blog post around the content.  

The most important number to worry about is how many people visit your website. Views are not money in your bank account. 

The goal is to plant the seeds and do the work now so you can watch them grow over time. 

Do All Platforms Require The Same TIme A Week?

There is no guarantee. However, when you can be consistent with good content, it's going to pay off. Don't worry about how much you think you need. If you show up consistently, you're going to have content and plant seeds that you can get traffic from and start to monetize.

How To Effectively Use a Blog For Your Business

This week I had a lot of questions about creating blogs and why they are so important. I hope the answers to a few of these questions help show that by creating consistent content, you'll effectively drive traffic to your website and can monetize sooner.

How Many Posts Should I Create a Week?

Commit and Be Consistent. Start with one post per week to start and learn the process and how to batch content and optimize. If you do that, you can build a process and make it go much quicker.

Set a date when each piece of content will be published so you can commit to it, and you'll be able to show up consistently. If you are going to do a video, first upload it to your website and create a blog post around it. You'll embed the video on the blog. This will give you two assets on two platforms and two places they can be searched for. 

Depending on if you know you're not going to show up on video, don't do it. If I were to start a new brand right now, I would start with blog posts and Pinterest. 

Organic Traffic is Key 

When you have organic traffic with diversified traffic streams, you have more control over your business and attention to your traffic.

Ads will take a lot of money to figure out what works and what doesn't work. There will be problems you'll need to deal with, and you'll need to be able to take at least $500-$1,000 to just test. If you do make sure you start by building an email list, so you benefit from the paid ads.

When Should I Expect to Rank for SEO?

Don't worry about the numbers for a few months. It can happen fast, but that is where you go after the long tail so you can rank quicker. 

How Can I Effectively Use Tags On My Blog?

They will not help you rank. Their goal is to help visitors use the search bar. Keep them specific to what people would be searching for on your site and take them to the content that matches. I would say use three to five tags per blog post. 

Will YouTube Videos Show Up In Google Searches?

Yes, you'll start by recording it, upload it to YouTube and add it to your blog as well. You can get ranked for that video in a Google search, which is an added bonus. 

How Long Should Each Blog Post Be?

Don't try to put a certain number of words just to have them there. Question-answer posts are typically 1500-1700 words. As long as you tell people what they need to know and answer their questions, that's all that matters. If you do longer posts, they can be your pillar posts and have other shorter posts that are related and link to it and vs. versa. 

Auto Suggest Is Your Friend 

Go Inside each platform and see what keywords are auto-suggested. Those are the keywords that are getting ranked, and people are searching for the most. 

YouTube Tip: If you are searching for a keyword, and there are some videos coming up, look at the videos with lots of views and low subscribers. They are the ones getting organically ranked and not getting boosted by their subscriber base. 

How a Blog Will Help You Be Successful 

When you're launching a product, it's not really a business. If you're going down that road, I really believe you need to build out your brand so you can get traffic. 

If you're launching a product on Amazon, how are you going to advertise and get sales? Without a blog or website, you'll have to pay for a lot of ads. Try to find a way to get your website and blog up and running so you can drive people to your website and drive more sales to your product. If you're trying to sell one product, you only have one chance to sell them something without a website. 

Once you get the traffic you can turn on an ad network and generate money that way too. 

Focus on Bringing Traffic To Your Site 

Everyone should make it a priority to bring targeted traffic using lead magnets to your website. 

Once we get the traffic, we can do so many things. It's just a slow process, but it's a skill set you can take with you wherever you go.

Once you get going and start to see traffic from content, you can start to worry about monetizing using affiliate offers, both digital and physical.

Ad networks are also one of the easiest ways to start to earn money.

Should I Use Google Ads? 

I would never pay to get traffic to a blog post unless it was a sales page. Google ads are great for selling products, but you need to learn the best way to target keywords. If you want to increase traffic to your blog post, you would have the ads go to a lead magnet and then to your specific blog post. 

Are Backlinks Important to My Site?

It's not important at the beginning and will naturally happen when you create good content. You'll typically get backlinks without even doing any outreach. 

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Take-Aways From Today's Post 

  1. What You Need To Know About Choosing Social Platforms (2:20)
  2. How To Effectively Use a Blog For Your Business (15:18 )
  3. How a Blog Will Help You Be Successful (42:30)

Quote: You should never bank on one traffic source. I would focus your efforts on Google Traffic, Pinterest, and Youtube. They are evergreen types of traffic, and you can create an asset, and it'll be beneficial for years to come.

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