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Hey everybody! I’m so glad to have you here. As a reminder, we’re opening up brand creators on July 6th. If you want to be notified when we open, make sure you go to Look for the icon that says “checklist.” Make sure to grab it, and you’ll automatically be notified when we open up registration. 

Benefits of a Digital Product


I’ve been known for selling physical products in the past, but you can also make money on digital products too. I’m going to provide you with a simple way to create your own digital product. From there, you could take the same content and use it for blog content and can get traffic from it too, which will save you time in the long run.


You can still charge for it if you’ve published it on your blog. You’ll be making it easier for visitors to consume the content, and it’s all in one place, so they don’t have to go search for it all, especially if they want that information in a pdf format. 


We did that in one of the products we’ve been talking about for three years. We took some of our past blog posts and turned it into a guide. We sell it for $4.99, and it leads to some additional upsells, which is great. We can make money faster when we’re solely focused on creating a content-based website, and digital products make that possible. 


Creating a digital product doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you implement this exact process by creating content and understanding what your market wants and needs.


Get Very Clear On Your Markets Wants And Needs 


#1 What is the problem or help you can provide to get a result 


First off, if you’re just starting and have started the brand growth validation checklist, you have a good idea about what your niche needs. 


Create a guide or manual to hand off to visitors. If you have an email list, ask people what they are struggling with or looking for more information about. 


If you don’t have an email list, go to a Facebook group and ask people. You can also implement social media if you have a reach there. 


A great way is to go into the inside of the community your apart of. You’ll see commonly asked questions that people need content created on. 


If all else fails, head over to Google and find common problems that people are searching for. 


#2 Create an Outline


What is the main thing you are going to help someone with? Create an outline for 5-10 blog posts. 


#3 Write The Content As a Blog Post  


You can publish one blog post every week, and once you’ve finished, you can compile them into a guide, say five or six blog posts worth. You can include pictures from your blog as well, which will save you some time. 


Write the content, stay consistent, get it down, and after a few weeks, you’ll have a guide, you can turn into a digital product. Make sure you get an email signup on the blog sooner than later so you can grow your email list. 


#4 Edit & Add Additional Content


Maybe you want to add in additional content that isn’t in the blog posts or more pictures.


Our Brand Creators playbook was made from six podcast episodes than turned into six blog posts and then turned into the playbook. I made plenty of changes and added stuff to make it more robust before it became the finalized playbook. If you want to check it out head over to


#5 Create a Good Cover and Format


A pdf is super easy to use and create. You could send it over to someone on Fiverr to format and create the cover if you don’t have time. It’s a super easy and affordable way to get it done.  Remember, this is a digital asset that can turn into dollars and turn people into a customer. Even if it doesn’t cost them much, it shows that they are serious and are ready for the next step. 


That is the exact formula I have used all the way back to when I was teaching people photography. I’d start with a video, get it transcribed, and then turn it into a book or quick download. It’s always been a super easy and effective method.

How to Promote Your Digital Asset 

There are six ways you can successfully promote your digital asset. Within Brand Creators we will be focusing on this within the next few weeks as it’s a really important part of the process. 



  • Create a Lead Magnet


We’re not going to send people directly to your digital download. Offer a free lead magnet they can download instantly. On the thank your page, they would get an offer or promo code for your digital guide. 


Content takes time to get moving, but this can help get things going and adds an asset to your business. 


We have a lead magnet to our book, and then a physical product upsell. 


  • Post the Lead Magnet on Your Blog



Create a widget, header, or popup to get people to sign up and get to the thank you page. Even if they don’t buy you can follow up with more tips and send a reminder about your guide later on. 


  • Email Your List



Give them something of value and segment your list in the process. You could also drop a line at the end about buying your guide. 


There is a lot you can do with the email list once you have it. 


  • Post It On Social



If you have pages or groups, if you want it sharable, add it to a page. I wouldn’t post this in other people’s groups unless you’ve added value to the group first. Always reach out to the admin first.


  • Pinterest



I like it because I can drop a pin within my board, and someone can find it and it can get picked up by goggle. It can go to a landing page or a blog post.


  • Facebook Ads



They can be really powerful, but you’re going to spend money before you figure out if it’s going to work. It’ll take several tests to figure it out. Test it with a small budget first. If you’re doing paid traffic is you’ll be able to pixel the audience and get their email address. They will also see the thank you page immediately. 


The process is fairly easy, and you can do it while you’re creating content for your site. Take time to plan it out and see what you could turn into a digital project. From there, you have an asset you can sell almost immediately. 

Mark Your Calendars!


If you want to be surrounded by other brand rockers where we’re sharing learning and supporting one another, you’ll want to be apart of our brand creator’s academy when we open up enrollment on July 6th. You must get the checklist, so you understand where you have these opportunities in your market and brand. 


Thanks again for being here!


As always I am here for you, I believe in you, and I am rooting for you.


It’s time for you to take action and go rock your brand!

Take-Aways From Today’s Post 

  1.  Benefits of a Digital Product (3:48)
  2. Get Very Clear On Your Markets Wants And Needs (7:05)
  3. How to Promote Your Digital Asset (17:45)


Quote: Creating a digital product doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you implement this exact process by creating content and understanding what your market wants and needs.

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