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Welcome to this week's edition of our Friday jam session! I'm so glad to have you here. If you want to join us every Friday, head over to to be a part of our weekly sessions, it's one of my week's highlights because I get to hang out with some awesome people and answer some great questions. We're going to start with a topic that I've had a lot of questions asked about this week to get things started.

Digital Product Launch 

A few ways that you can monetize as quickly as possible include 


  • Content creation will bring in traffic
  • Pinterest
  • Drive to Our Website
  • Build Your Email List


What is the one thing that you're market wants and need right now? Turn it into a digital funnel that can lead to making money a lot quicker. 


In order to make this possible, you're going to need a product.n


For the people who are currently creating content right now and don't have an email list, let's start here. What are the things that someone needs to know to get a result in helping them with whatever they are trying to accomplish (a guide, cheatsheet, etc.) Reach out to the market to make sure you're creating things they are actually interested in. 


Once you do that, you will create blog posts, written content, and videos that address each sub-topic. You're building a product while creating content at the same time. We're basically publishing the product in parts. At the end of it, you can combine all those blogposts, bundle them up, and make an ebook.


Word of Caution: Don't just copy and paste your blog posts into an ebook. Always add value. This could be as simple as adding a few screenshots, images, and additional resources. 


Now you have a digital asset, and you're ready to launch it.

Launch Runway Timeframe 


I created a popup Pinterest workshop and only advertised it for a short time before the actual event. We wanted to help people with that one specific area and knew that we would have people interested. We also wanted to get people that are interested in building their brand so we can invite them to join when it opens. 


Keep in mind that if you have a bigger launch, it'll take more energy, resources, and times if you've never done a launch before always start with a small mini digital funnel to get started.

Identify the One Thing


What is the one thing that will give your audience a quick win? 


Make sure to do your research and now what people in your niche want. 


You can use your free lead magnet to build your email list. On the thank you page, you can introduce them to your digital project and give a discount if they purchase within a certain amount of time. Just make sure that the lead magnet and digital product are closely related, so it would make sense for them to buy it. 


I recommend limiting the number of lead magnets that you have on your website to keep things simple. 


Over the next six months, you can create additional digital products using your content and then could combine them and use it as an order bump. 

Email List Benefits 


Once we've built your email list now, we can talk about launching other products. Giving visitors a quick win will help invite them to purchase your first project. This will help you move fast when you're ready to create new products. 


You want to reach out to your email list and ask them what they are looking for in your niche. What are they struggling with or need help with? Once you get some answers, you can create content that helps solve the problem. Always do this with new products to make sure you're always creating content that your audience wants. 


Never just assume that you know. Don't ever just guess that something is going to be a good product, actually ask what the market wants. From there, you can create it. 


Here is what your sequence should look like. Always make it known beforehand that you have a new product launch coming. 


Step 1: Lead by asking a question of what they want to learn or know more about. That will become the product.


Step 2: Send an email and let them know that you had asked the audience a question and want to share how you've been able to help solve the product and lead them to your product. 


Note: Every email isn't going to be solely focused on selling your product. You'll always include tips and ways to help them that are related to your product. Naturally, lead into it. 


I can't stand when I go to read an article, and they want my name and email for me to read the whole thing. Instead, just implement a lead magnet.  

How Long Should You Nurture Your List Before Selling?


I would have the free lead magnet, and I would send that to your email list. They'll enter their email address again (they won't be added to your list twice). It'll send them to a thank you email with an offer for your product, and you can always send a follow-up email. 


Make sure to give them valuable information in the process and make sure they are utilizing the free lead magnet.  

Paid Memberships 


You need first to know exactly what people want and what they are willing to pay for monthly. It would be figuring out what is the solution or the problem that you are going to help solve and, from there, create something free on the front end for a quick win. Then you can lead with your first product, to get yourself rolling.


I would recommend never to start with a membership site right off the bat. You want to make sure they are getting everything that you progress. Start with a small sales funnel and build off of it. 

Join In On The Fun


If you want to attend one of our live Friday jam sessions, head over to to join us live every Friday at 10 am. We would love to have you! 


Remember, I am always here for you, I believe in you and am rooting for you.


Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand! 


Take-Aways From Today's Episode


  1. Digital Product Launch (4:03)
  2. Identify the One Thing (7:51)
  3. Email List Benefits (12:50)
  4. Paid Memberships (20:50)


Quote: What is the one thing that you're market wants and need right now? Turn it into a digital funnel that can lead to making money a lot quicker. 




What is the one thing that will give your audience a quick win? 



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