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Welcome! Today I have a special guest on the show, Jordan Harbinger. He’s got a fairly new and very popular podcast, and he’s getting over 6 million views a month! The first podcast he had with his old partners, he got kicked out and had to start over. He struggled for a little while with the whole thing, but he got back up and started his own podcast without having to compete with the old one. The big take away I want you to get while you listen is that no matter where you are in your journey, you will face something that will challenge you, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Let’s get right to it and learn a few valuable takeaways from Jordan.

Jordan’s Starting Over Story 


I’ve been doing a podcast for a decade. I started a company in my twenties with some friends that did well. As we got older, I realized that I was doing all the work, and they weren’t doing as much. When you’re running a business, you’re married to your business partner. So whatever their problems are you have to deal with them because it becomes your problem too. I didn’t feel like I could start over because we had been together for so long and didn’t know what would happen if I left. 


I ended up moving to a different city to get away from it all, but every day it was still so hard to deal with it all. I talked to my team and asked what they would do if I left, and many said they would come with me if I did. I tried to convenience my partner to split the company to we could end on good turns. We negotiated a split, but in the middle of it my partners decided they could do it all without me and drove me out of the company completely. 


In the meantime, I had moved on to the Jordan Harbinger show. My partner didn’t want me to be successful after I left the company. He sued me, and I just drug them through the mud, and I cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars through the process. They ended up destroying their business in the process. I was so worried about starting over, but within eight months, we had built the show to the same size as the first show I had. 


I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but its a shame watching something I built get ruined. Nobody wants to see something that they’ve worked so hard to get destroyed, so that was definitely a challenge to deal with. 

How I Relied On My Network


I had to lean on my network to get through the hard times. Because I knew I couldn’t get through this on my own. You can’t really do anything by yourself. Luckily many of the fans from the old show came over to my new show. Luckily I grew up with good saving habits and was able to keep going while we started over and pay my team during the process. 


In the first month, I made over 100 calls to ask for favors and use my network to keep things going. I also had to work with advertisers that had been on my old podcast for free for a while. It was all about damage control and using the relationships that I had built to ask for help and keep moving forward even when things were tough. 


That’s the thing about digging the well before you get thirsty. Many people say, “hey, that’s a good idea,” but don’t think they’re ever going to be thirsty or that anything bad could happen to them, so they don’t end up doing it. I was so glad that I practiced what I preached. 


In my mind, I thought that my business partners would never be able to get by without me. I did most of the lead generation and marketing. So, I felt like I was relativity safe, but once I got sued, my options were a bit limited to what I could do. The company is in a lot of trouble now, but when you’re talking about people who don’t know how to run a business, they’re not really thinking about what’s bad for revenue, they’re just acting impulsively. 


My family and friends helped me put one foot in front of the other and keep going. I was so angry for a while, but I had a great support system who helped me move forward and told me this was the best thing that could have happened to me, and they were right. All the negativity I was putting into being angry I could have used in a positive light and put into my business and my personal life. I lived in the past for a while, but it’s so important to get out of that mindset because it’s such a waste of energy and time. 


I strongly encourage anyone who’s angry about something in their life to stop. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die; it only makes things worse for you. 


I would say that networking and relationship development is key. Do something every day that increases it. In the morning, go to your contacts that you haven’t talked to in a long time and recultivate those relationships. If you help 100 people with something tiny, you’ll find that you’ll end up having a lot of help from them in the long run.

Jordan’s Take Action Moment 


By taking action, I was able to move forward. I focused like a laser beam. Every time I had negative thoughts, I pushed them out of my head. Instead, I would focus on preparing for my podcast, revenue a relationship, or workout. I had to stay focused on challenging the positive. After doing this for a while, I realized that everything was going to be ok.


Towards the end, I had many close friends who told me that I needed to get out. It was a forcing function because I didn’t have the guts to leave on my own. Once the rug was pulled out from under me, I didn’t have a choice. Once I started to rebuild, I realized that I should have done it years ago. I’ve never going to let my family or future business partners get in a negative mindset as I did.


Luck Plays a Big Role in Success 28:30


If I had started over from scratch without a base to start with, I would have gone on to other shows to build momentum, just like I did. It’s important to build relationships with other businesses. Short of getting extremely lucky, whatever you’ve done in the past, will help prepare you to be successful. The skills that you’ve learned will help you succeed. 


We usually only hear from those who’ve made it big. It’s called survivor bias, and it’s really unhealthy to focus on that. Part of the reason I have a show is because of hard work, but the rest of it really is luck, and many successful people don’t want to admit that. 


You have to increase your surface area for luck. You can control how much time and energy you put into something and how worthy you are of an opportunity. Luck is the spice, not the dish.

Final Note From Scott


Everything might look good on the surface, but there may be some challenges someone is going through that we don’t see. Like Jordan says, it’s so important to build relationships and improve your network that will benefit you later. Go back and think about what Jordan said today and how you can apply it to your own life. 


Remember, I am here for you, I believe in you and am rooting for you.


It’s time for you to take action and go rock your brand! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 


  1. Jordan’s Starting Over Story 5:00
  2. How I Relied On My Network 12:00
  3. Jordan’s Take Action Moment 22:38
  4. Luck Plays a Big Role in Success 28:30


Quote: That’s the thing about digging the well before you get thirsty, many people say “hey that’s a good idea” but don’t think they’re ever going to be thirsty or that anything bad could happen to them so they don’t end up doing it. 


You have to increase your surface area for luck. You can control how much time and energy you put into something and how worthy you are of an opportunity. Luck is the spice not the dish. 

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