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This is one of the Ask Scott sessions where Scott Voelker answers your questions about Amazon private label sales. If you’d like to get your question answered on one of these podcast episodes, you can do it by going to Scott would be happy to address your issues to the best of his ability so be sure to take advantage of this powerful resource.


Should international sellers try to start in their local Amazon market on or the U.S. market?


A listener of the show does not live in the United States and wants to get started with private label sales on Amazon. He’s not sure if he should start selling in his local Amazon market or try to get his products set up on the U.S. Amazon market. Scott’s answer is an “it depends” kind of answer but you’ll want to know what it is that it depends on. ;) There’s lots to consider in a situation like this so be sure you take the time to listen.


I have a customer who has contacted me through Amazon’s system and wants to buy large quantities of my product. How can I handle that?


It’s an amazing opportunity - or it appears to be. This listener and active Amazon private label seller has been contacted by one of his customers through the Amazon system. The customer claims to want to purchase large quantities of his products in bulk. The listener is not sure if there is a way he can connect with the seller legally within Amazon’s terms of service to work out that deal. Scott’s answer is very helpful and you’ll hear it on this episode.


I’m an international seller but I sell on the U.S. Market. How can I get my products shipped to the U.S.?


Scott has often recommended that international sellers get access to a U.S. based address to have their products sent to before sending to the Amazon warehouse so that products can be inspected before being stocked in the warehouse. It’s a great idea, but today’s listener doesn’t have access to a U.S based address and is curious if there are other options. There are indeed and today Scott is going to walk through them. It’s all on this episode of The Amazing Seller.



Would you like to get in on a free 10-day private label course?


One of the things Scott has done to create a helpful training resource for brand new Amazon private label sellers is to put together a 10 day course walking through every single step Scott has taken to get his private label products, get them onto  Amazon, and make sales with them. If you’d like to get that 10 day course sent to you via email, you can get it by going to - and Scott will send it right to you!




  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:08] How you can get your questions answered on the show.
  • [2:05] A TAS member who’s taking action!
  • [5:31] Why the process is the best way to learn.
  • [6:28] QUESTION ONE: What is your take on international sellers getting started - should we start on the U.S. Amazon market?
  • [12:42] QUESTION TWO: How can I handle someone who wants to purchase my products on a large volume basis? Can it be done?
  • [20:21] QUESTION THREE: I want to follow your advice about getting a price of products being shipped to me via air, but I’m not located in the U.S. How can I do that?
  • [25:04] How you can get Scott’s free 10-day course. - get the 10 day private label course.

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