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Are you fired up and ready for another weekend working toward your ecommerce business goals? Do you need a little push to get you moving in the right direction? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller podcast! On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares some helpful tips that will expand your thinking. He’ll also cover answers to questions from TAS followers like you! Grab your pen and paper, you don’t want to miss a minute of this informative and engaging episode!

Time, Focus, and Energy

When was the last time you got some really good advice that helped you in the long run? How would you implement advice or insight that you find valuable? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he opens up about some great insight and wisdom that recently received from a mastermind session. At the mastermind, Scott heard three topics mentioned frequently; time, focus, and energy. To hear Scott break down the lessons he learned around each topic, make sure to listen to this episode. You just might find the key insight that will take you to the next level!

Connecting with your buyers.

What is the most effective way to connect with buyers who are interested in your product category? What can you do to cultivate that connection and build an audience with a robust network of fans and followers? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains how building an email list can help you make the most of your efforts to connect with potential buyers. While it may not always be easy, Scott is convinced that building a brand through an email list is the best strategy right now for most ecommerce businesses hoping to get their brand off of the ground. To hear more about this important subject, make sure to listen to this episode!

You don’t need to have a fully developed brand site right away.

While it may sound scary to start building a web presence without all the pieces in place, it’s not as risky as you may think. Don’t let the idea of having everything perfect get in your way of taking action and getting your brand rolling! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains why you need to start building your email list and gathering your audience. If you wait for the perfect timing and for all the stars to align, you are going to be waiting around forever! Make your goals and benchmarks but go ahead and start putting your brand out there on the market. Hear more from Scott as he explains why you don’t have to have a brand website set up to get rolling right now!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:50] Why you should check out the Product Discovery Bootcamp.
  • [4:30] Time, focus, and energy.
  • [12:00] Question #1: What is the best way to connect with buyers with a giveaway?
  • [21:40] Question #2: Does it really matter if my brand website is developed?
  • [28:00] Question #3: What should I do if my product doesn’t show up in Amazon searches like I think it should?
  • [34:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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