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Questions about setting up or running an FBA Amazon sales business?


You’ve come to the right place! The Amazing Seller podcast, and these Friday episodes in particular, are one of the best ways for you to get your situation-specific questions answered. Each Friday Scott Voelker, a successful Amazon seller himself, answers your questions, submitted by you and played on the podcast in your own voice. He hopes to equip and educate you to make your Amazon FBA business your ticket out of the 9 to 5 rat race. You can ask your question anytime at


Should you sell electronic items or things “with a switch” in your Amazon business?


A listener asks Scott how hard-and-fast his “rule” is that Amazon sellers should not sell any items that have a switch. When Scott says, “has a switch” he means something with electronics or too many moving parts. Scott does see this as a rule but as a wise suggestion, mainly because offering products that have electronics involved puts you in a position that your products are more likely to be returned because of manufacturing defects, damage that happens during shipping, etc. That will cost you time and money, which you really don’t want to spend. Listen in to hear what Scott suggests to sellers who are considering electronic products.


Do you think it’s a good idea for me to sell apparel on Amazon before setting up my own website or Shopify store?


A listener asks that question and even though Scott doesn’t sell apparel on Amazon, he’s got plenty to say! Apparel sales on Amazon requires special approval due to the wear and tear that can happen to clothing. Amazon tries to safeguard the apparel category by making it more difficult to sell. But if you want to sell clothing and feel it’s a very good niche for you to be in, Scott’s got some suggestions for how you might go about it. Find out more in this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast.


One of the most time intensive parts of selling private label products on Amazon is the product research phase.


Thankfully there are many great software packages available that can help you get through that phase more quickly and with better results. On this episode a listener asks Scott for some tips in using one of those software solutions: Jungle Scout. Scott’s got some great suggestions for how the listener can find the best products and get started selling on Amazon sooner rather than later. Listen in to find out more about how you could do the same thing!


Feedback Genius, MailChimp, Awebber, and other email solutions. Which is best?


A listener says he’s a bit “fuzzy” on why Scott recommends using different software solutions for different parts of an Amazon FBA sales business. Scott does a great job clearing up the fuzz in this episode. Feedback Genius is used only to connect with Amazon’s systems and automate follow up with customers who have purchased your products. It does so without you ever seeing the customer’s email information, because Amazon does not allow sellers to have that information. But it still provides a powerful way for you to increase your feedback and reviews, thus lifting your product’s visibility and legitimacy. Software solutions like MailChimp and Abweber are for building your own private email list of previous customers? How can you do that if Amazon doesn’t allow you to see their email information? Find out how Scott does it on this episode of The Amazing Seller!




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  • Today’s questions:

    • How hard and fast is your “rule” about not selling products that have switches or electronics involved?

    • Is there a way I could get started on Amazon selling apparel products before trying to set up my own website to sell them?

    • Can you provide me some tips for using Jungle Scout to research products more effectively.

    • What are the reasons you use Feedback Genius for follow up systems regarding reviews, but you use something different (MailChimp or Aweber) to secure email lists for product registration, etc.?

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