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This is another of Scott Voelker’s Friday “Ask Scott” sessions where he answers your questions about Amazon FBA Sales. In this episode Scott answers 4 questions from listeners just like you who are in the trenches, building their own Amazon sales business. You can be one of the voices you hear on these Q&A episodes by submitting your question for Scott to answer. Head on over to to submit your question via voicemail and listen to hear your own voice on an upcoming episode of The Amazing Seller.


Is there any benefit to placing 2 UPC codes on the same product?


This may sound like an odd question but there’s really some sophisticated thinking behind it. The idea is simple: If you have a potato peeler as one of your products, should you also create a second listing for the identical product and list it as a “CARROT peeler” instead? You’d have two products with two listings and two unique UPC codes. Scott’s not convinced it’s the best way to start but does think it could be advantageous after looking into the numbers a bit more. Find out the details of why Scott thinks this could be a good strategy as he answers the question on this episode.


Business accounting can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.


A listener asks Scott how he handles the accounting in his Amazon Private Label business. There are product costs, customs expenses, shipping, Amazon fees - it’s enough to make your head spin. But Scott’s convinced that keeping good records doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, he started with everything in one spreadsheet and thinks that system could still work if he was inclined to use it. But he goes a bit deeper into the question to reveal what accounting software he’s using now as well as providing a few other options, both software packages you can buy and online free versions. Learn how to get your accounting headaches under control on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


What do you do day to day once your product is launched?


Product research, product sourcing, product listings, PPC, Facebook Ads - there’s a TON that goes into the process of getting a private label product to market on Amazon. But once all that hard work is done and your product is live on Amazon, what do you do day to day from there? A listener asks Scott what his daily, weekly, and monthly routines are now that he’s an established Amazon seller and Scott gives a transparent and simple answer, breaking it down into even the small tasks that he does every day. You won’t want to miss this practical answer as Scott responds to the listener’s question.


Is it possible for my multiple PPC campaigns to compete with each other?


PPC (pay per click advertising) is a very confusing and mysterious thing at times. It’s hard to know all the ins and outs of setting up campaigns correctly. In today’s episode of The Amazing Seller a listener asks a question that stems from some changes he made in his Amazon PPC account, and a change in results he observed. He wants to know: “If I use the same keywords in different Amazon PPC campaigns, will I wind up competing with myself for those keywords, thus decreasing the effectiveness of my investment in PPC?” It’s a great question and Scott has a great answer. Find out what he thinks about that issue on this episode.



  • [0:05] Welcome to “Ask Scott!”

  • [0:39] How you can ask your own question for an “Ask Scott” episode.

  • [0:45] Scott’s recent business happenings, and some encouragement for you.

  • [2:36] Your invitation to one of Scott’s live workshops (free).

  • [3:23] A shout out to someone in the TAS Facebook group - Frankie, way to do!

  • [5:38] Is it a good idea to put 2 UPC codes on the same product?

  • [9:32] How do you handle your accounting?

  • [15:24] What things do you work on daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to improve your Amazon business once a product is launched?

  • [22:40] A quick question about PPC - Should I have my target keyword in multiple campaigns?

  • [29:20] Your invite to the TAS Facebook Community.

  • [30:00] How to subscribe on iTunes.


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