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The temptation is always there to look at people who are successful and think that everything just happened to go their way. But that is seldom true. Most people who are very successful got to that point because of determination, a positive, can-do mindset, and hard work. That kind of mindset doesn’t come naturally for most people. We tend to let discouragement, difficulties, and missed opportunities sidetrack us from the goals we desire to reach. In this episode, Scott’s going to talk about the importance of mindset, surrounding yourself with the right people, and how each of those things impact your success in Amazon sales, and in life.


What kind of mindset do you have?


Is it a positive, can-do mindset, or is it pessimistic one? Your mindset is one of the things about you that most determines your level of accomplishment, success, and happiness. And the good news is that it’s one of the things that’s well within your control to change. It’s not always easy to change… in fact it can be quite hard, but it’s a change that will revolutionize your life once it’s made. So how do you go about changing your mindset? Scott has some great, actionable advice about that very subject, on this episode of The Amazing Seller, so make sure you stick around.


You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.


Jim Rohn is credited with this timeless statement, and its truth resonates deeply in most people. So look around you. Who are you spending your time with? How are the impacting the way you look at life? The way you behave? The opportunities you have and the things you attempt? If you’ll take the time to look, you’ll begin to see just how true this statement is, and hopefully you’ll also begin to see that you can actually do something about it. On this episode Scott talks about how to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your private label dreams and gives you three practical ways you can begin to do it today.


How to meet great people who will support your dreams.


We’ve all met a “Debbie Downer,” someone who seems unable to say anything encouraging about the ambitions you’re pursuing. That’s not the kind of person you want to hang around for very long because she’ll begin to rub off on you, even if you’re the most positive person. How do you get out of those kinds of relationships and find relationships that will support you as you move to the levels of success you desire? One way is through the TAS Facebook community. It’s a place where so many like minded people hang out that you’re sure to find at least a few who think like you do and want what you want. Listen to Scott’s advice about how to use the community to find supportive relationships, on this episode.


Do you want to attend a Q & A hotseat event?


Scott’s been thinking how fun it would be to host an event for Amazon private label sellers, a sort of Q & A hotseat event where everyone could interact, help each other brainstorm issues and problems, and learn from each other as well as from a couple of speakers. It’s not an idea that’s fully formed yet, but Scott would like to know if you’re interested. It would be a very limited capacity event, and would be an event that would have an entry fee. If you’re at all interested, you can get your name on an information list to find out more details as they become available. Head over to to get your name on the list.



  • [0:05] Introduction of the topic: Business and life success.
  • [0:42] The importance of mindset for increasing your chances of succeeding.
  • [3:47] A very important question: Who are you hanging out with the most?
  • [7:55] Why you CAN recondition your mindset.
  • [9:20] An example of how your associations make a difference.
  • [18:57] How do you meet the great people you need to surround yourself with?
  • [27:30] A possible event Scott has in mind.
  • [32:16] Do you know a videographer? Scott’s looking for one!
  • [33:33] The power of taking action to meet people.



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