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New product ideas can come from anywhere. Really, you might be surprised where you discover the next great thing. On this episode Scott’s going to share with you exactly how he discovered his latest product idea quite by accident and how it’s proving to be a pretty good product from the first go ‘round. Listening to this episode will inspire you to think a little more outside the box about your next product idea. So be sure to listen and start dreaming about your next product!

There are some things in life Scott said he would never do…


And He’s finally wising up and learning not to say those kinds of categorical things. Why? Because there are so many of those “nevers” that He’s wound up doing. That’s instrumental to this episode of the podcast because He’s entering into one of those areas with his newest product. It’s in the supplement niche, which he said he’d never do and he wants you to hear the story of why he’s going in that direction, how it came about, and how you can learn from his story to find your own new product ideas.


The journey you are on has opportunities at every turn.


You never know what a day may bring. You really don’t. There could be a huge challenge or a massive opportunity, and Scott’s learned that the opportunities will pass you by if you don’t have your eyes open and your brain engaged to see them when they show up. On this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott’s walking you through an example of that - how he came across some situations that have offered up his latest product - and how his situation is an illustration of what you can do to find some great product ideas as well.


The people you meet might be your next source of inspiration.


There are people you meet everyday who have areas of expertise and experience that you will never have. Those people may have something of tremendous value to add to the world but you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and meet them or talk to them. Scott has recently discovered the Dad of his daughter’s friend is a fount of knowledge about things Scott never knew he’d be interested in, and has a lot to offer by way of information and products. So Scott’s investigating the possibility of going in on a product line with him, in the supplement niche. Hear the entire story on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


8 things Scott has learned about tapping into a new market.


When you get a new product idea and it’s in a new market that you’ve never worked in, you need to get some specific things right at the beginning. Tacked on to the end of this episode of The Amazing Seller are Scott’s 8 tips for what you need to do when you’re setting up a product in a new niche. This section is so jam packed with information you will be glad you listened for that brief list alone. So be sure you tune in and grab these 8 great steps to getting set up in a new market.




  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast episode!
  • [0:37] How you can follow Scott on Periscope.
  • [1:00] The danger of saying “never.”
  • [5:30] How my personal experience led me to the supplement niche.
  • [7:08] A personal trainer I met and the possibilities that relationship has produced.
  • [10:28] How a variety of people have influenced my journey.
  • [22:51] I have no idea how this idea is going to work, but I’m excited.
  • [25:19] The journey you take is filled with opportunities you need to recognize.
  • [26:42] Pay attention to people and possible opportunities.
  • [26:53] Scott’s assignment for you.
  • [28:32] 8 things I’ve learned about tapping into a new market.
  • [33:20] Why I’m beginning to move away from speaking on Amazon only.
  • [34:00] How you can get my free 10 day course.

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