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So many TAS followers love the chance to get Scott and Chris’ take on some of the issues and challenges they are running into as they build their ecommerce business. This is your chance to learn as the guys jump into another Hot Seat session. On this episode, they cover the 10x10x1 strategy, if it’s ok to launch a product with less than ten sales a day, how product variations factor into your product listing strategy, why it’s important to keep seasonal trends in mind, and so much more! If you are ready to step up your game and take your ecommerce brand to the next level, make sure to catch this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller!

What is the 10x10x1 Strategy?

How can you put your ecommerce business and your new product listing in the best possible position to succeed? Believe it or not, it starts from the beginning with using the right product selection criteria. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and Chris go over why the 10x10x1 strategy is a helpful starting place for sellers getting their brand up and running. The 10x10x1 strategy is finding a product that moves ten units a day for at least ten dollars. Don’t miss this episode as the guys expand on the best way to use these criteria and much more!

Why variations can save you from running out of inventory.

As you build your ecommerce business, it’s important to consider ways in which you can keep as many people as possible interested in your product. One way to do this is to add variations of your product that would appeal to your buyers. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott and Chris talk about the many benefits of and some of the drawbacks of using variations in your product listing. A helpful point that Scott makes is that if you do include variations on your product, it may end up saving you from completely running out of stock of your products prematurely. To hear more on this subject from Scott and Chris, make sure to listen to this episode!

Make sure to consider seasonal trends!

How do you ensure that you don’t run into a massive drop off in sales for your product? While there are many factors that can occur that you can’t foresee, one factor you can prepare for is seasonal trends. Don’t get fooled into thinking that just because the product you want to sell is moving ten units a day right now that it will continue that number six months from now. Do your research and make sure that you don't’ overlook seasonal trends. Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott and Chris discuss this important topic at length.

Take a long-term and multifaceted approach to building your brand.

What is your plan for growing your ecommerce business? Are you looking to make quick cash or do you want to grow something that will end up providing you profit for years to come? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris as they open up about the lessons they’ve learned and why it’s important to take a long-term approach to building your businesses. They guys explain how sellers like you can take a product that seems like someone would only buy once and leverage it to introduce that buyer to your brand that they can keep returning to. If you want to build a sustainable business, make sure to listen to this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] What is the 10x10x1 Strategy?
  • [5:00] Is it ok to launch products that will have less than 10 sales a day?
  • [9:30] How variations can help your product listing strategy.
  • [17:30] Remember to look at seasonal trends in product sales.
  • [20:30] Broadening your net and creating a brand that keeps buyers coming back.
  • [31:30] Takeaways from this Hot Seat Session.


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