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Amazon PPC is not all that hard


You just need to take the time to learn the platform and how to use the tools at your disposal to target the exact people you’re trying to reach with your ads. But most Amazon sellers don’t take the time to learn the platform well enough, so their PPC ads don’t have as much impact as they could. A ton of your sales can come through PPC if you will take the time to develop a strategy to use the tools for the powerful purpose they were created for. In this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott’s going to walk you through the top 7 mistakes Amazon Sellers make when using PPC and how you can avoid every one of them.


PPC on Amazon is about more than just the obvious keywords


That’s because it’s impossible to get into the mind of the people who are searching for what you have to sell. You don’t know how they think about the product, or how they formulate their search query. You’ll tend to pick the most obvious keywords, which is good, but the people searching for your product may search for it in ways that are not so obvious. There are very simple ways you can find a clearer picture of the other keywords and phrases buyers are using to search for your product and you’re going to hear about those methods in this episode.


If you’re going to make PPC work for you, you have to check your data regularly


When you first set up an Amazon PPC campaign, you won’t have everything dialed in to its maximum potential. You just won’t, it’s not possible to hit it just right the first time. You should view your first attempts at PPC as an experiment that will show you what you need to do to dial it in to its maximum potential. That means you check out how it’s working and make tweaks as you go along, refining your PPC effectiveness as you go. So don’t set your PPC campaign and leave it alone. Watch it, beginning 7 days after you set up your campaign. Once you reach that 7 day threshold, begin making minor adjustments. Find out the details about how to do that on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


The way PPC benefits your Amazon products


PPC is one of the things that pushes your product higher in the search rankings because it puts your product directly in front of the people who are searching for it. When they click through your PPC ad and eventually purchase your product, your product just got a boost in Amazon’s search algorithm because it is seen as a more legitimate product. That’s when you need to follow up with your email sequences to generate more reviews - which in turn moves your product up in the sales process. It all begins with a sale, which begins with driving traffic to your product through Pay Per Click (PPC).




Running an effective PPC campaign for your product on Amazon is great, but there’s a side benefit that most people don’t consider. As you monitor your PPC campaign you’ll come across other product ideas related to yours from the data that is shown through your PPC campaign. That data could be telling you how to add to your product line in a way that will set you apart from other vendors and give you an appearance of legitimacy that will establish your business rather than just sell individual products. Scott covers that concept in today’s episode, so make sure you listen in.




  • Scott’s introduction to this PPC focused episode!

  • iTunes reviews from The Amazing Seller listeners.

  • Scott’s recommendations for how to do PPC the right way (past episode).

  • MISTAKE #1: Using the wrong PPC strategy.

  • MISTAKE #2: Only focusing on the obvious keywords.

  • MISTAKE #3: Not doing enough testing regarding the keywords they’ve chosen.

  • MISTAKE #4: Not regularly checking the data and making adjustments.

  • MISTAKE #5: Hesitance to spend more money once you find keywords that work.

  • MISTAKE #6: They stop using PPC once sales begin.

  • MISTAKE #7: They don’t look at their data for possible product ideas.

  • How PPC benefits a product, and how Scott recommends you make it happen for your product.

  • Two strategies you can use to maximize your PPC campaigns.




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