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If you are at all interested in learning how to sell private label products on Amazon, you’ve found the right podcast! The Amazing Seller is all about Amazon private label, and Scott Voelker leads the way teaching and sharing everything he knows to help you get your business rocking and rolling. On this episode you’re going to hear Scott’s weekly Q&A session, which he does every Friday. On this episode you’re going to hear questions and answers about Amazon PPC, Product research and selection, logos and branding,


Can my Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns wind up competing with each other for keywords?


The short answer: Yes. If you use exact keyword matching on more than one campaign you could wind up competing with yourself, costing yourself money. If you’re using other forms of PPC, it’s possible you won’t be competing with yourself, but to make sure, there’s a simple little tool you can use to ensure that you’re not competing with yourself. It’s called “negative keywords” and on this episode Scott is going to share how to use them to maximize your keywords in your pay per click campaigns.


I found 4 or 5 versions of a product in Jungle Scout that all look like the very same product. One of them has lots of reviews and sales, the others hardly have any. Why is that?


If you’ve spent any time at product research you’ve likely seen a similar situation. Many of the products can wind up looking the same simply because the same suppliers are being used. But one of them always seems to pull out in front to be the dominant product. There are lots of reasons for this, but rather than focusing on what that one product is doing, Scott wants to know how the others are doing. Can you guess why? Scott’s going to tell you all about it on this episode in answer to a listener question, so be sure you stick around to hear the details.


I think it’s time to design my product/brand logo. Any suggestions?


When it comes time to put a “look” to your brand or product, there are no easy avenues to getting it done. You’re typically going to have to spend the bucks to hire a professional designer to produce the look and feel you’re looking for. On this episode Scott mentions some of the places he’d go to find that kind of help, but he’s also going to put the focus on something else you need to make sure you nail down far ahead of your logo. Care to guess what it is? You’ll hear Scott’s words of wisdom on this episode.


I think one of my competitors is doing something against the Amazon terms of service. When is it OK to report them?


It’s not supposed to happen but sometimes Amazon sellers do things against the rule to try to game the system and gain an advantage. If your competition is doing that, it can cost you some revenue at times, depending on what it is they’re doing. This listener thinks his competition is listing the exact same product with the exact same UPC multiple times. He’s curious if it’s OK for him to report this seller, or if he should. On this episode you’re going to hear Scott’s candid reply based on his own ethics and experience. It should serve to guide you in your decisions of this nature.



  • [0:05] Welcome to this “Ask Scott” episode!
  • [1:04] An inspiring from to the TAS Facebook community!
  • [4:30] How you can learn to do private label selling.
  • [5:47] QUESTION ONE: PPC keywords: Can they compete with each other?
  • [11:00] QUESTION TWO: Can you help me understand the differences I’m seeing in products within Jungle Scout? They seem to be identical products but one is selling much more than the others.
  • [17:45] QUESTION THREE: I’m struggling how to go about designing a logo for my product. Can you help?
  • [22:06] QUESTION FOUR: Why am I seeing duplicate listings on the very same products? I thought Amazon didn’t allow that.




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