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Keywords are the tracks upon which your Amazon Sales engine runs. It’s how Amazon knows what you have to sell. It’s now customers find your products. It’s how you drive traffic through PPC and organic search. Knowing that, it should be clear how important keywords are to the product listings you place on the Amazon platform. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott is going to share 7 tips to find and use the best keywords for your product, and he’s also going to share some bonus tips for you regarding exactly what you should do with those keywords once you find them.


How would YOU search for your product?


Too often Amazon sellers forget that the reason keywords are important is because it’s the main things searchers use to find the products they are looking for. That means that the best way to approach keyword research is to get inside the heads of your ideal customer. What would THEY be searching for if they were looking for your product? You can start answering that question by asking YOURSELF what you’d search for if you were trying to find it. Then expand your question to your spouse, your friends, your coworkers. There’s no better way to find relevant search terms and keywords than to ask real live people. Get more great tips like this, on this episode.


Did you know that Amazon will GIVE you the keywords you should pursue?


Most people don’t think of it in those terms, but really, Amazon will give you its most searched keywords. How? Begin typing your primary keywords into the Amazon search field as if you were a customer searching for that product. You’ll notice that once you complete the word and hit the spacebar (like you were going to add another word), a list of search terms will be suggested to you. THOSE are additional keyword ideas that Amazon is telling you are commonly searched for surrounding your primary keyword. You’d be foolish not to use those in your PPC and listing optimization. Scott’s got lots more tips like this to share, on this episode.


Google search is still a great place to get keyword ideas.


When you search for anything on Google, you’ll notice two things if you pay attention. #1 - Google fills in your search box with suggestions as you search. Those suggestions are searches that other people have made using the same words you’re using. Write those down. #2 - Once you enter your search terms and hit “return,” you’ll notice that there is a list of “related” searches at the bottom of the first page. You should write those down as well. All of the things listed there are actual searches that have been done for the keywords you’re targeting. Take a few minutes to listen to this episode and learn even more simple ways you can find the keywords you need to include in your Amazon product listings and PPC campaigns.


Do you know HOW you should use the keywords you discover?


It’s one thing to find a bunch of great and unique keywords for your product. But do you know what to do with them once you have them? It’s not as simple as cramming your product title and listing full of them. There are certain ways to use them, particular places to put them that bring you the most bang for your buck. That’s what you want to do rather than waste the space you have on your listing with unneeded keywords. On this episode, Scott walks through some “bonus” tips about using keywords in the right places and at the right frequency. That section alone is worth the time it takes you to listen to this episode.




  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:03] Shout out to the TAS Facebook community.
  • [3:50] How would you search for your product?
  • [6:17] Looking at your competitor’s listings to see what they are using for keywords?
  • [8:32] Use Amazon’s suggested keyword suggestions.
  • [11:00] How to use Google search and Google’s keyword planner.
  • [15:14] Use Merchant Words software.
  • [17:29] Using Google Trends.
  • [19:57] You should use Simple Keyword Inspector
  • [22:31] Summary of the 7 tips.
  • [26:24] A few bonus tips from Scott’s experience.
  • [27:50] Basic ranking tips for using keywords/search terms.
  • [30:16] The importance of a well optimized listing.



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