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Welcome to this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. You’ve landed on the Friday version which an “Ask Scott” episode. This is where Scott Voelker fields your questions relating to Amazon private label sales and answers them for you. On this episode Scott is addressing questions about keywords and product rankings (and gives tons of resources on that one), whether potentially great products should be pursued if the competition for sales is high, how to do market research effectively, and the best margins for an Amazon private label product.


Why you need to focus your efforts on a more specific niche of products.


You may find a product that looks like a great possibility for sales but the general category is filled with competition and lots of product reviews. But you’ll find that the competition will thin out when you’re able to provide a product within that area that is more specific and specialized. A differentiated product will always enable you to have a better opportunity for good sales on Amazon and will make it more difficult for others to copy the exact thing you are doing. Find out more on this episode.  


The best approach for choosing keywords to rank your private label products.


Keywords are one of the most important parts of private label sales on Amazon. If you don't choose the right keywords you will have a very hard time making sales. So how do you go about finding those keywords? Scott was asked that very question on this episode of the podcast and goes into great detail about the resources you can use and the websites that are available to help you discover the best keywords for your specific product. If you don't listen to any other part of this episode you will want to hear of this one. It is worth gold.


The best margins for private label sales.


When considering a product to sell on Amazon you want to make sure that you're going to have an adequate margin of profit to make the selection, purchase, shipping, and sales of the product actually worthwhile for you. Naturally, you want the margin to be as high as it can be, but what is an acceptable margin given all the fees and shipping costs that are involved in selling a private label product on Amazon? On this episode of a podcast Scott walks through his thoughts regarding the margins that are acceptable for him and what he shooting for with every product that he sells.


There are lots of different keyword fields in the Amazon backend. Which ones do I use?


When you begin to fill out all of the fields on the back end of a product listing in Amazon, you'll discover there are many of them that you may not understand or do not know what they are for. On this episode a listener ask Scott about the various keyword fields and how they should be completed. Scott gives a very good answer regarding the use of those fields and make some suggestions on how you can find keywords to place in them that will be effective for the search functions on Amazon. You won't want to miss this one.




  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:29] How to submit your questions!
  • [1:20] A shout out to one of the TAS members on Facebook
  • [4:50] QUESTION ONE: What is the best approach for choosing the best keywords for the back end of my products?
  • [15:34] QUESTION TWO: What if I find a great product with high demand, but the competition is very high?
  • [24:53] QUESTION THREE: What are ideal margins for a private label product?
  • [28:58] QUESTION FOUR: I’m a bit confused about the different keyword fields on my Amazon account. Can you help me?


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