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The Amazon sales platform is open to 3rd party sellers (like you) to sell products to people who are already shopping for things they want and need. That’s the amazing benefit it is to sell your products on Amazon. However, there are certain categories where not just anyone can sell products. Amazon’s reasons for doing this is mainly to protect the consumer by ensuring that the people selling products in those categories are legitimate sellers who are not selling items that will be harmful or fake. Chris Schaeffer is a pro in these things and he unloads how he goes about getting products ungated, on this episode.

The category that I want to sell product in is blocked to new sellers (gated). How can I get in?

It happens quite often. Someone does their diligence in product research and discovers that the end of that process that the category their product falls into is blocked to new sellers. How can you get past that? Is there any way? That is exactly what this episode of the podcast is all about. Scott and his friend Chris walk you through 5 Steps you need to take in order to get your private label products into a gated category on Amazon. Be encouraged, their experience shows that you can always get into the category, it just may take time and some hard work. Be sure you listen to find out how you can get your product into the categories they belong in.

How does the Amazon Brand Registry fit into the ungating process?


If you have not gone through the steps to register your products and brand in the Amazon brand registry, that is one of the first things you need to do if you want your product to be considered for categories that are currently gated. Amazon will not consider your product if you have not verified your product through brand registry. On this episode of the podcast, Chris and Scott are going to walk you through the steps involved in getting brand registered, and show you that it really isn't as hard as it might sound at first. If you need someone to hold your hand, this episode does exactly that.

Make it easy for Amazon to approve your “ungate” request.

Anyone selling products on Amazon is able to apply for their products to be considered for a blocked or gated category. Chris Shaffer advises that if you were going to do that, you make it easy for Amazon to say yes to you. How do you do that? By getting all of your documents and requested things in order before you apply to have your product considered. Amazon is very clear about what it takes to become eligible for selling in those categories, so you need to do your part to meet their requirements before you even apply. On this episode Chris walks through what those things are so that you will be able to gather your information and go in with your guns loaded.

Don’t let the gated categories on Amazon get you frustrated.

The process of getting your products into gated categories can be quite irritating and frustrating. Sometimes Amazon will reject your product request and not provide any reasons why they have rejected it. Other times, they will respond with very big reasons that don't make sense. It is important that you understand that those things are just part of how it is, and that you need to do everything on your end to make it easy for Amazon to approve your request. Keep going, walk through the things you have submitted very carefully to ensure that they meet Amazon's standards, and even follow the tips Chris lives in this episode to restart the process if need be. And his experience, every request can be approved if you approach it the right way.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:59] Why categories on Amazon are gated (to protect consumers).
  • [4:58] How gating impacts pay per click (PPC).
  • [5:40] Is it possible to place your product into a different category if you’re gated out of the one it belongs in?
  • [8:45] Select the category you want to be in.
  • [9:45] Why you need to switch to a pro monthly plan to get started ungating.
  • [11:30] Hitting the Amazon seller performance targets.
  • [12:50] How new products figure into the gated category issue.
  • [13:43] Working with your supplier to get verification regarding your products.
  • [14:40] Particulars you need to make sure are correct.
  • [16:40] The importance of having a website for the sake of Amazon brand registry.
  • [18:25] Making sure you have your documentation together (including 3 invoices).
  • [21:46] What to do if Amazon doesn’t give much reason for rejecting your request.
  • [24:00] Why you need to make it easy for Amazon to approve your request.
  • [26:43] Additional steps to take to get yourself approved.
  • [29:49] Why it took Scott and Chris 3 weeks to get ungated in one situation.
  • [32:12] Recap of the steps you need to take to get your product ungated.
  • [34:40] Why you should consider the possibility of gated categories during your product research phase.
  • [36:09] Chris’ final word: don’t let this frustrate you.


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