Rock Your Brand Podcast

Any little (or big) thing we can do to increase the likelihood of people who search for our products to actually click on our product is worth the time it takes to get it done. On this bonus episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast Scott is chatting with his friend Greg Mercer about the testing he’s been doing on his Amazon listings and the great increases in click-throughs and sales that have come as a result. You’re going to want to hear how these simple tweaks can increase your bottom line without costing you a dime.

A picture is worth a thousand words… or increased click-throughs and sales.

Scott is merciless at emphasizing that you keep everything you do on your private label listing completely above board. You want to follow Amazon’s terms of service and requirements to the “T.” BUT - many people don’t realize the areas of flexibility that exist within those guidelines, especially as it relates to images. On this episode Scott and his friend Greg Mercer chat about the small changes they’ve made to their images that have caused greater amounts of click-through and purchases in a very short time. You can do the exact same things on your product, so find out how on this episode.

25% off your first month of Splitly - Automated split testing software for Amazon private label listings.


Greg Mercer is already well known in the Amazon selling community as the creator behind Jungle Scout. But now he’s added a new product to his company that enables you to automatically and on an ongoing basis, split test your private label listings so that you can ensure they are optimized the very best for click throughs and sales.It’s called “Splitly” and as a TAS listener you can get 25% off your first month of Splitly service. Listen to this episode to hear all the things Splitly can do for you and how you can get your 25% off.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast episode!
  • [1:35] Upcoming workshop - get registered now.
  • [4:00] Split testing, conversions, optimizing your listings through tweaks.
  • [5:41] The basic tweaks Greg Mercer has done to increase conversions.
  • [7:44] Tips on good main images and tweaks you can make to it.
  • [14:54] How to do your testing in a way that gives accurate results.
  • [19:09] A case in point Scott learned from another seller: drawing the eye.
  • [21:34] Why you can’t think you know the answer: do the split test.
  • [22:07] How changing your price can make dramatic differences.
  • [26:00] Why it’s important to test over a longer period of time (a few weeks).
  • [29:52] Other minor items you can split test: bullets and description.
  • [32:25] Split testing your product title for product ranking.
  • [37:10] The software Greg has created - Splitly - specifically for Amazon.
  • [42:03] How you can get into the upcoming live workshop using Splitly.
  • [44:00] Greg’s last advice to people regarding split testing and optimizing listings.