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Todays’ episode of The Amazing Seller is one of the “Hot Seat” editions where Scott joins forces with his friend Chris Schaeffer to analyze a product that has been submitted for appraisal in hopes that Scott and Chris can give some advice to increase sales and success. Today’s product is one that is in a very competitive space and the seller is curious if he’s reached his limit and should simply give up on the product and move on. Chris and Scott both say, “No way” and give plenty of tips as to how this seller can crank up his sales once again. You’ll learn tons from this episode so make sure you listen.


When you choose a private label product make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.


Lots of people see a niche of products that have tons of great sales numbers but don’t know how to analyze those numbers and products to make sure they are comparing the exact same type of product to what they have in mind, or that the great numbers they are seeing are “real” numbers. Making that mistake can make the road to sales success very difficult. On this episode Scott and Chris address how to go about the right kind of product research before you jump into a promising market. You won’t want to miss this one, especially if you’re going to be choosing a new product soon.


Get your product on page 1 using Pay Per Click.


If your product is languishing on a page way back in the search results there’s a lot you can do to get more exposure for your items so that people see them, buy them, and organically push your product higher in the rankings. The main way to do it is by using Amazon PPC to ensure that your product is being shown when your buyer’s keywords are being searched. On this episode Scott and Chris chat about how to use PPC to make that happen and how it can fuel a surge in  your product’s sales and popularity.


Are you doing good follow up with your prior customers?


It’s true that Amazon will not give you the contact information of people who purchase your private label products. But that doesn’t mean you can’t follow up with them. Amazon will allow you to contact them through the Amazon system to offer product support, ask for reviews, troubleshoot product issues, and much more. On this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott and Chris give some options about how to follow up effectively so that you can increase reviews, seller ratings, and increase repeat sales of your private label products and related products.


Did you get in on Scott and Chris’ live event?


There were only 30 spots for the live event in Denver on May 1st. Were you able to get involved? If not, don’t worry. Scott and Chris plan to do some more live events in different parts of the country in the future. If you want to have the opportunity to attend and take part in a live hot seat event, you can get your name on the notification list at Be sure you do, maybe you could even be one of the people who are on the hot seat and get some first hand advice on your product or brand!




  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:14] Hot seat session begins right here!
  • [4:41] The numbers on the product Scott and Chris are examining.
  • [6:06] Comparing apples to apples when it comes to product comparisons.
  • [8:05] Considering promotions when comparing your possible product to existing products.
  • [11:09] The benefits of variation listings VS separate listings.
  • [13:05] The need for a possible relaunch for this product (or possibly yours).
  • [20:29] Using Pay per Click to get your product to page 1.
  • [22:09] How to take advantage of the expanded keywords section in Amazon’s backend.
  • [24:54] The strategy Chris is using to fill out his expanded keywords.
  • [28:30] Why Scott would not abandon this product.
  • [32:09] Using promos with bloggers in your niche to drive traffic and build a mailing list.
  • [34:49] Making the most of follow up on customers.
  • [35:10] The key to making it happen is often time.
  • [38:00] The upcoming live events - get on the notification list.




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