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Every one of us has a legacy that has bred us, the things that have made us into the people that we are. Sometimes those are negative influences, sometimes they are not so good. On this episode of the show Scott shares a conversation with his Dad that he recorded recently to share some of the legacy of his own life. In Scott’s eyes his Dad is a great example of someone who was always willing to work hard and earn the money needed to care for his family and take care of his obligations. He’s also the one who taught Scott to hustle and figure out ways to build his own businesses. You’re going to enjoy the homespun wisdom and insights Papa V. has to share, on this episode.

From egg sales to a chicken farm to a draft notice.

Scott’s father was an entrepreneur from an early age simply because he had to be. He wanted extra money to buy his own lunch at school and his father didn’t have the money to give him. So his dad arranged for him to get some chickens and begin selling eggs. That business grew into a chicken farm and in time he was doing quite well. When he was 22 years old he was drafted, but signed up for the Navy instead. Even in the Navy his Dad found an entrepreneurial opportunity sewing patches on uniforms, stocking up on cigarettes and reselling them to fellow soldiers at a higher price, and even making loans at interest. You can hear this powerful example of old fashioned entrepreneurial hustle on this episode.

There’s always a way you can find to get the money you need.

On today’s episode of The Amazing Seller Scott shares a conversation with his Dad who was his example of hard work and determination. He showed by his actions that he could always figure out a way to make the income needed to meet his obligations and take care of his family. As you listen to this episode, keep in mind the obstacles you face and think about the opportunities you may have every day to increase your income and make a way to build your income. There is a way. Find it.

Partnership woes and things you should watch out for.

Neither Scott nor his Dad believe that partnerships are always terrible or to be avoided. But they both have seen the negative side of partnerships and have lots to say about the various cautions that you need to be aware of when considering a partnership. On this episode you’ll hear the story of their partnership woes and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. It’s a great story of persistence, learning from mistakes, and building a successful business on the coattails of a business mess.

Hard work and persistence will ALWAYS pay off for you, if you take action.

The main purpose of this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast is not to teach you tricks and strategies for doing private label sales better. It’s a deeper and more general lesson than that. This one brings you an old school example of how determination and drive to succeed will enable you to be successful in the end. Scott’s Dad (Papa V.) has lots of stories to share and a great deal of wisdom to impart so you’d be wise to listen and get some ideas about the kind of work and dedication it takes to build a business you can be proud of.


  • [0:02] Scott’s introduction to the podcast, and this conversation with his Dad (Papa V)!
  • [1:23] Scott’s introduction to his Dad.
  • [3:25] Where Papa V. grew up and what his family life was like.
  • [4:00] Why Papa V. wanted to earn money as a kid - he wanted to buy his own lunch.
  • [5:40] His first job: an egg route, learning sales, and starting his business.
  • [8:00] Scaling the egg business into a chicken farm.
  • [17:10] Beliefs about working for retirement or not.
  • [24:15] Landing a job and starting another business.
  • [31:00] Scott’s “why” to work alongside his Dad and build a company together.
  • [32:45] Thoughts and cautions about partnership opportunities.
  • [41:23] The only things Papa V. would change if he could go back.
  • [45:10] The lessons Scott learned from his Dad.
  • [53:33] A final story about the crazy experiences working as an entrepreneur.
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