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Every single one of us is on our own journey, but much of where we wind up depends on the choices we make. Scott recently had the opportunity to speak at the Rocky Mountain Resellers conference and was able to share his story and inspire many people to take action and move forward with their business ideas.This episode is the audio version of Scott’s keynote presentation from that event and you’re going to hear his story of moving into the Amazon sales platform and all the experiences that built his determination muscles to get there. You’ll find a lot of great information to help you get going (or keep going) on your journey, so be sure to listen.

Figure out your Why, What, and How.

There are three key components of any business success. Without these three you’re going to fail at some point along the line, so be sure you pay close attention to what Scott has to share here. The “why” has to do with the reasons behind building a business. If your “why” is not strong enough you’ll give up when things get tough. Your “what” is the clear end-goal you have in mind, the thing(s) you want to accomplish. The “how” is the plan you come up with to make the “what” happen. If you don’t get all three of these clear, you won’t make it in business.

Get your WHY clear and nothing will stop you.

Simon Senek is well known now for his insightful book, “Start With Why.” It enables leaders - and those building their own business - to understand the importance of the reasons their business/organization is in existence. Scott believes in the power of understanding your why to keep you moving in your business building journey. What is your reason for building a business? It’s about more than simply making money… that’s not specific enough. Figure out your “why” and you’ll figure out the thing that will keep you going when the difficulties come (and they WILL come).

After your WHY is in place, you can move on to the WHAT.

Getting clear on WHAT you are going to do enables you to remain focused. It’s your end goal, the thing you’re trying to accomplish overall so that your WHY becomes a reality. When you work on your WHAT you need to do your homework. There’s nothing about this part that comes easy, nothing about it that will magically happen. The information is out there, you simply have to go out and find it so you can make informed decisions and smart choices. Don’t go by hunches or feelings, research it and find the WHAT that will fit you and enable your WHY to come to pass.

Take action to make it a reality.

Once you get your WHY clear and your WHAT figured out, you’re going to have to do something with it. You’ve got to have a plan that you’re going to follow to make them happen. That’s where the HOW comes in. It’s about taking action, putting in the work that makes success happen. Nobody got to any pinnacle of success by accident. There’s lots of hard work in the back story and you are going to have to pay your own dues as well. Take action. It’s one of Scott’s main mantras that you hear over and over. And there’s a reason for that. It’s vitally important.




  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the episode!
  • [2:09] Scott’s story: no college education but lots of business experience.
  • [5:15] Scott’s experience selling door to door as a kid.
  • [6:23] The danger of inaction from overwhelm.
  • [9:35] It all starts with taking the first step into something different.
  • [11:00] The importance of “just in time learning” from Pat Flynn.
  • [12:35] When you choose one thing and focus, amazing things happen.
  • [14:09] The power of “WHY - WHAT - HOW?”
  • [15:00] WHY: Getting clear and specific brings focus.
  • [23:10] WHAT: You have to know where you’re going.
  • [25:10] HOW: Making a plan is essential.
  • [28:11] Case study: Bob - and how it can help you build your dreams.
  • [30:30] Scott’s 10-10-1 strategy as an example of simplifying the process.
  • [35:00] Put yourself on track with 90 day sprints.
  • [41:27] Get it done, then repeat it again and again.
  • [44:43] Why “little by little, little becomes a lot.”
  • [50:12] Taking action is the main consistent ingredient in any success.
  • [51:54] Q & A from the session.


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