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This episode of the podcast ispretty special because it’s only been a bit longer than a year thatScott has been publishing the show and he’s already reached 200episodes - and for this episode he wanted to do something special.That’s why he’s doing something a bit different - a solo show -that covers the information he spoke at the Rocky MountainResellers conference in Denver, Colorado at the end of April, 2016.It’s a motivational, inspirational, get started talk that will giveyou practical ways to get started making money online.

You’ve got to be clear on why you want to build abusiness.

Everybody has dreams of doingsomething of their own, making a product, running a shop of somekind, making a business work on their own. But very few of them whoget started actually keep going long term. Why is that? Becausethey don’t have a strong enough sense of WHY they are doing whatthey are doing. It has to be about more than the money, more thanthe success, more than the creative outlet it might be. You’ve gotto have a “why” that will motivate you to keep going when you hitobstacles and difficulties. On this episode Scott goes deep intothe issue of “why” and gives you practical ways to develop your own“why” that will fuel you long term.

A key element in your success is keeping short termgoals in mind.

When Scott was a young man heworked with his father in his construction business. He did well,worked hard, and loved the work, but he knew in a short amount oftime that he didn’t want to do that kind of work long term. That’swhen Scott and his wife started figuring out how much cash it wouldtake for him to step out of that role in his father’s company andwork full time in his own business. That’s an example of a shortterm goal that gives you something to aim at and move toward. Youneed to know where you’re going if you are going to getthere.

You don’t need to have everything figured out - justenough to get you started.

Many people never start abusiness because they think they have to have all the detailsfigured out before they can get started. The problem is that theynever will get everything figured out because life and businessdon’t work that way. On this episode of the podcast Scott is goingto walk you through how to figure out the basics of how to simplyget started and then pivot and make adjustments as you are going.It’s the best way to build a business because it takes advantage ofmomentum and enables you to learn in the crucible of actually doingit. You’re going to learn a lot from Scott’s experience andinsights on this episode, so be sure you listen.

There’s lots of power in focusing on the stage you’reat instead of moving ahead.

Nobody can deny that there arethousands of things to learn as you build a business of your own.It’s true. But you don’t have to learn all of them at once. That’sthe beauty of the things Scott has to share on this episode. Scotttalks about real life examples of how he’s learned only the thingshe’s needed for the project he’s working on at the time. Thatenables you to specialize in what’s most important at the momentand to make adjustments to your learning and processes as you go.You’re able to keep moving without getting sidetracked and make themost of the time you’re dedicating to the business. On this episodeScott shares his insights about how anyone can get started on theirown business dream.



  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to thepodcast!
  • [0:41] Scott’s ideas for episode 200 and how hegot to this episode.
  • [4:10] The presentation Scott gave for hisspeech at the Rocky Mountain Retailers conference.
  • [5:29] Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Everyonehas!
  • [6:15] How to simplify the process and takeaction.
  • [7:17] Why we get excited and then stop and howyou can be different.
  • [8:20] Pick a platform and start.
  • [9:32] Why do you want to start a business?Your “why” will keep you going.
  • [25:10] Figure out the exact a month of moneyyou need each month to go full time.
  • [28:39] Outline your perfect day(realistically).
  • [30:08] Create a plan and timeline to achieveyour goals.
  • [30:42] Get started and pivot as you hitobstacles.
  • [31:00] Surround yourself with likemindedpeople who can support you.
  • [33:20] Remove the excuses.
  • [36:00] Put your superpower to work foryou.
  • [37:40] An exercise of how this couldwork.
  • [43:00] Setting your commitment level andestablishing some tangible goals.
  • [47:20] The power of learning concepts as youneed them.
  • [52:10] Learn and grow every day (by consumingand by doing).
  • [53:13] Advice Scott has learned from people headmires.


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